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ACCOUNT MANAGER (Client Service Focus)

Woman juggling many competing demands.

Is this is you? If you have the ability to manage many competing demands with grace and poise, the Account Manager role may be the ‘perfect’ fit! Apply today.

  • International Chiropractic Media Company
  • Flexible Hours & Work from Home
  • Perfect for Chiropractor’s Spouse (or relative, patient, etc.)

Founded in 2004, Perfect Patients serves the chiropractic community by developing interactive websites that generate new patients and educate current patients.

Today, thousands of doctors worldwide trust Perfect Patients to manage their practice website and online reputation.

Watch this short video to see exactly how our website service works!

As an Account Manager, you’ll work closely with doctors to coach them through the development and ongoing management of their Perfect Patients website.

Specific duties include:

  • Guiding doctors through the creation of their practice website and coordinating the process with the Perfect Patients graphic design, search engine optimization, writing and web development teams.
  • Developing relationships with clients through content interviews, support needs and proactive phone calls.
  • Educating clients about website performance opportunities such as blogging and social media.
  • Ongoing client support and management of each website in your portfolio to deliver great results for the doctor (new patients and increased patient retention and referrals).

Hours are flexible… start 25 – 30 hours a week during training and grow to full time hours within the first two months. And, as everything we do is online, you can work from the convenience of your own home office. There’s occasional business travel including our annual Account Manager Conference which is normally in the United States.

To secure an interview, you should be skilled in; customer service/client management, written communication, organization and administration. You should be tech and internet savvy with some basic HTML skills and experience publishing content to websites, preferably WordPress.

If you thrive in a high tempo, client-focused, technical environment where you need to organize and manage many competing demands, you’ll love this job!


(There are three positions on offer so please “share” this opportunity with your community.)

    • If the thought of writing your own text is daunting, these guys have the solution in the form of a half hour, well directed interview where all you have to do is answer their questions, talk about what you love to do and edit the finished product. Easy!!!
      - Aaron Mcpherson
    • Awesome! I got my first patient from the website this morning!! Oh man you guys are good ;)
      - Dr. Guy McAninch
    • Rather than just executing our one simple request, Lauren went above and beyond, making some upgrades to our site! We so appreciate her ability to not only fulfill our request, but to also think about what could make our site better and do it!
      - Colleen Kachele
    • Customer service treats us like they have known us personally for years... and I guess they have. It is more of a relationship than a business call. It is absolutely the best. Service is Nordstrom's style.
      - Dr. Kelly Hall
    • We waited to start using Perfect Patients website service until after our office was about a year old. If I had to do it over again, I would have started using it right away. It's worth the initial investment and the monthly cost to drive people into the office!
      - Dr. Miranda Abbott
    • I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it's been setting up and refining my Perfect Patient website with Carrie Kester. She has gone far, far, far above and beyond the call of duty. A huge Texas THANK YOU!!! My website is something I am finally proud to direct people to and display!!!
      - Ricky Hanks
    • My Perfect Patients site doesn't cost me a dime; it generates income! The only question any doctor should have is, "How soon can you guys get my site up and running?"
      - Dr. Michael Ryan
    • The best part is that every patient coming in is like a referral patient. One commented, “After looking at your website I feel like I already know you!”
      - Dr. Tim Swift
    • Not having to manage a website leaves me free to do what I am best at - Chiropractic. We always get very quick replies and resolution to any queries that pop up - thanks!
      - Dr. Joanne Middleton
    • Perfect Patients delivers what the others kept promising.
      - Dr. Grant Cummings
    • Service is excellent. Staff and Account Managers are dedicated and get the job done quickly. High quality product.
      - Guy Gosselin
    • Having a website that runs itself is priceless in a busy office and is one less thing you need to worry about. Perfect Patients does a great job of customizing your website to fit your practice and their customer service is beyond amazing!
      - Kristina Ebel
    • We average 5 new patients a month from our website. And patients regularly comment on how great our website is.
      - Dr. Marisa De Lisle
    • The website passed my expectations. I was amazed how much work went into it. It is definitely a custom site unique for who I am. I am very satisfied. Thank you!
      - David Dunn
    • I get compliments literally almost every day from patients about our website. That speaks volumes. It's not what I think that counts, it's what they think.
      - Dr. Rod Overton
    • As a two practice owner and chiropractor in business for over 10 years, I have never had such great customer service in ANY industry.
      - Dr. Jason Winseck
    • Great customer service! I mean GREAT! I also appreciate you standing behind your product and service.
      - Dr. Wade Anunson
    • The SEO for Perfect Patients is hands down the best, and we generate about 5-10 NPs per month from our site.
      - Dr. Anthony Ebel
    • I had 3 new patients the first week my website went live.
      - Dr. Nathaniel Reese
    • A year ago nobody could find us on Google. Perfect Patients put us on the map. If you are looking for the best bang-for-your-buck with a limited marketing budget, you need Perfect Patients.
      - Dr. Dan Page
    • It's the best, most advanced, user friendly, complete, no hype, professional web hosting in the chiropractic world. The feedback system is fantastic.
      - Dr. Mik Hamilton
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