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Ellen Horton

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Ellen Horton

10 July 2019

How to Recognize a Google My Business Scam

If you’ve received a phone call or email that begins with “Hi, I’m calling on behalf of Google…”, you may have been the target of a scam. Since contact information is listed on your website for current and future patients, you can expect to receive a variety of solicitations from reputable, but also (and more likely) […]

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Ellen Horton

3 July 2019

Content is Still King

Google continues to refine its search algorithm in an attempt to deliver the most relevant results to its customers. Such measures force you to refine your methods when attracting prospective patients from the platform. Over the years, search algorithms have left many webmasters in SEO peril. It started with penalizing keyword abuse, where website owners […]

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Ellen Horton

26 June 2019

Google Ads: What Not To Do

At their best, Google Ads are the modern-day Yellow Pages. They’re an advertising channel that gives you quick access to prospective patients in your area. They can also be like a casino, where the house (aka, Google) always seems to win. Indeed, many practices don’t see positive ROI with Google Ads. Or they question their […]

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Ellen Horton

19 June 2019

Employee Spotlight: Katie Noel

The fun, ambitious team at Perfect Patients brings the company to life. In this week’s Digital Marketing Minute, we’re spotlighting Katie Noel, one of our expert Digital Marketing Specialists. Get to know a little about Katie… What led you to Perfect Patients? I previously worked as a chiropractic assistant, and our practice had a Perfect […]

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Ellen Horton

5 June 2019

The Experimentation Never Ends

If you use Google Analytics, you know how visitors arrive at your website. But do you know how potential new patients behave once they get there? While you may be monitoring high-level website analytics, you’re probably not paying attention to on-page behavior patterns. Basic Google Analytics doesn’t reveal that kind of data. Conversion optimization technology […]

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