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Blog Post Best-Practices

Follow these ideas to turn out a great blog post.

Six Essential Post Tips

  1. Readable – remember, Choose Natural is designed for prospective patients who may be apprehensive, skeptical and non-technical.
  2. Scannable – when appropriate, the use of lists, bulleted text, subheads and bolded text can help catch the reader’s attention and move them through the post.
  3. No Fluff – get to the point quickly and avoid superfluous material. With something potentially more interesting just a click away, you must stay focused.  Rule of thumb – shorten your first draft by half!
  4. Short – keep your posts between 200 and 500 words.
  5. Relevant – remember, Choose Natural is about a natural solution to common health issues. Try to keep your posts within the 13 categories of health complaints listed in the main menu.
  6. Helpful – avoid self-promotion. Your posts should offer helpful information and not degenerate into a sales overture. Show up as the expert and readers will respond.

Types of Blog Posts

If you’re new to blogging, here are some ideas for creating your posts:

  • Informational – explanations about some facet of chiropractic care.
  • Lists – something like, ‘Top Ten Ways to…’, ‘7 Reasons why…’ or ‘My 3 Favorite…’ etc.
  • Instructional – how to do something, such as proper lifting, when to use ice, etc.
  • Case Studies – your firsthand experience with various health complaints.
  • Contrasting Two Options – compare chiropractic care with medical treatment.
  • Rant (Careful!) – rants are great for starting discussion and creating controversy.
  • Inspirational – testimonials like, why you chose to become a chiropractor.

Blog Post Instructions

  1. We recommend that you compose your post with your favorite word processor and spell-check program.
  2. Copy and paste your post into the form below and complete the fields so we know your details and where to direct our link to your site.
  3. After you submit your post, Perfect Patients editorial team will review it and decide if and when it will be published. Expect another email when your post is published.

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