East Memphis Chiropractor Website Design – Just Launched!

Back and Neck SpecialistsDr. Larry Cole comes from a family of chiropractors, learning early on the healing process that starts from within. After serving in Vietnam, Dr. Cole went to medical school, where he recognized his passion to help people in a natural way through personalized chiropractic care. “The philosophy of chiropractic made a lot of sense to me,” Dr. Cole explained during a 45-minute phone interview with the Perfect Patients content team. “The brain controls the body, and the healing process starts from the inside.”

Serving the East Memphis, Tennessee area since 1973, Dr. Cole has been practicing chiropractic care at the same location for the past four decades. His son joined the Back and Neck Specialists team in 2011, allowing the practice to offer customized treatment plans from two health experts. Dr. Cole and his son Josh believe in educating patients on the specific problems they’re dealing with so they understand the root causes of their discomfort.

Perfect Patients is pleased to launch the new Back and Neck Specialists website. Furnished with unique new content, we look forward to seeing Dr. Cole’s practice grow as our online marketing efforts progress into the coming months.


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