Chiropractic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

chiropractic seoBased on the Perfect Patients service plan you choose, we’ll optimize pages of your site for the most productive new patient-producing keyword phrases.

These days, effective chiropractic SEO has gone far beyond meta tags or keyword stuffing. Instead, it’s about providing quality content that engages visitors. It’s also more about a complete overall strategy of Internet marketing for chiropractors, too.

Which is our expertise.

“I Can Get You On Page One”

Because of the importance of search engines, it has spawned an industry of chiropractic SEO consultants who prey upon the greed, doubts and insecurities of chiropractors.

Besides the risk of having your website banned from Google by contravening their terms of service, it’s impossible for freelancers to grasp the nuances that have taken us years to learn.

So, when competitors tell you they can get you on page one, be sure to ask “For what search term? Crackerjack chiropractor?”

Just to show you how easy it is to get on page one for search terms no one uses, type “crackerjack chiropractor” into your favorite search engine. You’ll notice we’re at the top of the list. Big deal. Nobody looking for a chiropractor types in “crackerjack chiropractor.” So what’s the point?

And while even more people search on terms like back pain, headaches and other terms often associated with chiropractic, getting an individual practitioner’s website to rank for these keywords is virtually impossible. (That’s why we created Choose Natural.)

Competitors may promise that their sites enjoy a higher search engine ranking than Perfect Patients websites. But that’s hardly a guarantee that they produce new patients!

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