Crackerjack Chiropractors Wanted!

The original Cracker Jack box

This is not the kind of crackerjack we are talking about!

Looking for a crackerjack chiropractor? Then you’ve come to the right place.

As you can see, the phrase, “being on page one” is virtually meaningless. About as meaningless as “crack jack chiropractor.”

You can get on page one of Google for all kinds of search terms, including crackerjack chiropractor. However, if prospective new patients, looking for a chiropractor, aren’t inclined to type crackerjack chiropractor into their favorite search engine, what’s the point?

So, when someone claims they can get your chiropractic website on page one of Google, be sure to ask, “For what search term? Crackerjack chiropractor?”

Chiropractor Search Engine Optimization

Since we work with chiropractors (crackerjack and others!) as well as other licensed professionals, we’ve learned a thing or two about how search engines work for new patient acquisition.

May we put that knowledge to work for you and your practice?

Naturally, many of the techniques we use were learned the old-fashioned way—making changes, waiting, monitoring the results and making still further changes. Rinse and repeat. We’re not about to surrender these hard-earned lessons.

Woman shampooing her hair

The key is to determine implicit searches from explicit searches.

Implicit and Explicit Chiropractor Searches

Speaking of rinse and repeat, imagine someone is searching online for shampoo. Don’t laugh. Over 130,000 people do.

Every day!

Obviously, someone who types in “shampoo” is in a different place in the buying process than someone who types in “buy shampoo online”? (Which, only happens 43 times a day!)

If you’re considering a chiropractic website for the new patients it can produce, it should be optimized for the most explicit new patient search terms. That is, terms that someone would actually type into their search engine because they’re ready to begin care. And we know what they are.

Are You a Crackerjack Chiropractor?

Now you know that anyone can get on page one of Google. Which may or may not be helpful if what you really want is new patients.

Thanks for allowing us to make this simple, but important point about search engine optimization.

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