Covid-19 Update: Perfect Patients Is Here For You

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Online Chiropractic Paperwork

One of our most popular options is to post your admitting paperwork to your website. Patients simply click to download your online chiropractic paperwork and print and bring their completed paperwork with them on their first visit. Besides a subtle reminder to website visitors to take action and become a patient in your practice, many clients report these additional benefits:

More Complete Paperwork

Woman completing online chiropractic paperwork at home

Filling out new patient chiropractic paperwork from the comfort of their homes saves time!

With the doctor’s names and dates readily available at home, new patients are more inclined to give you a more complete health history.

Shorter First Visits

With the online chiropractic paperwork downloaded and already completed, first visits are shorter and practice capacity is enhanced.

Appreciative Patients

Most patients appreciate being able to handle the inevitable paperwork at home without having to balance a clipboard on their lap!

Introduce Your Website

If your new patient didn’t come from the Internet, directing them to your website to download your online chiropractic paperwork is the perfect introduction to your website.