New Patient Survey

One of the innovations pioneered by Perfect Patients is our New Patient Survey. As you add each new patient as a subscriber to your website, we’ll automatically send a welcome email with a link to an online survey.

Find out your newest patients’ perceptions about their first visit experience.

Using the latest survey technology, patients simply click on a smiley face that best sums up their experience.

Not Great

This is important feedback that can reveal training opportunities and other ways to make each new patient’s first (and most lasting) impression positive and worthy of a referral.

You’ll be delighted to know that when patients give you all smiles and leave a short “review,” we ask them for permission to publish their comments on your website and provide an easy way for them to post to Google or Yelp.

What questions are asked in the New Patient Survey?

Click here to download a copy of the survey questions.
Will the survey prompt my patient to leave me a review on my website?

If the survey result doesn’t have a happy smiley face in the review, the patient can leave a comment for you but it will not ask them if it can be shared to the site.

If the survey result doesn’t have one of the last two happy smiley faces for the last two answers,the patient can leave a comment for you but again, it will not ask them if it can be shared to the site.

If the survey result does have one of the last two smiley faces on the last two questions, they can leave a comment, but they have to type it in the comment box before the note and a checkbox will appear that asks if we can share it to the site. Your patient would have to UNCHECK this box if they don’t want it added

Do I receive a copy of the New Patient Survey results?

As part of the Standard Plan service, a copy of the new patient survey result is sent to your website email account for you to review. If you approve the comment and would like it added to your website, simply let us know by forwarding it on to our support team.

If you are a Premium Plan member, your Website Success Manager receives the results. We review this and forward you the feedback. To ensure the survey results do not go into your email spam so we forward to you from a known email address.

Will I know which of my patients completed the survey?

Yes, the subscriber’s name and email address are included in the feedback.
How do my new patients receive the survey?

A link is included in the Welcome Email that is sent to a subscriber when you add them in the console and select Welcome Email >> Include the new patient survey link (select for all new patients).
Can I send the New Patient Survey link out separate to a patient?

Each subscriber is assigned a unique survey link in order for us to report and track the feedback for you. That is not an option at this time.


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