Perfect Patients Pricing | Chiropractic Website Cost

Perfect Patients PricingDepending on your new patient goals, you’ll know which Perfect Patients pricing package detailed below is right for you.

Whether you need a mobile-friendly website to drive more patient referrals, or a custom design powered with a host of online marketing features to dominate your new patient drawing area, Perfect Patients has a plan for you.

Pricing to Fit Every Marketing Budget:

  • One-time setup fee: From $195 to $795
  • Monthly service: $95 to $395

Which service plan is best for you?

Basic Service

With this plan, you’ll have an online portal where you can connect with current and prospective patients.

Best For:

  • Practices largely based on referrals
  • Low-competition jurisdictions
  • Getting new patients isn’t your primary goal

Standard Service

This plan offers state-of-the-art technology that includes several online marketing features, including blog posts, email marketing, and more.

Best For:

  • Practices with moderate new patient goals
  • Low-mid competition jurisdictions
  • You want your online reputation in good hands

Premium Service

This service includes a comprehensive online marketing plan that includes all the features of the Basic and Standard plans, and much more.

Best For:

  • Practices with aggressive new patient goals
  • Mid-high competition jurisdictions
  • Dedicated webmaster to manage your online needs

Visit this page for greater detail about the specifics of each plan.


Value vs. Price

The Allure of Discount Providers

It’s tempting to buy a website based on cost. And there are many discount providers who charge less than Perfect Patients. Because they think they’re done when a website launches. Your service requests are a nuisance — and treated as such.

That’s because they see websites as a “product” or pieces of digital art, not marketing tools. They hope their low price will seduce you into accepting its poor performance.

With Google’s constantly changing algorithm and updates by your competitors, a website is no longer something you can set and forget. Not these days. Cheap websites are expensive because they rarely produce new patients.


Additional Services

Your Perfect Patients website is equipped with features to get and keep more new patients. Plus, we have a variety of optional website upgrades to extend the branding of your practice. Many are included with our Premium Service:

Want to learn more about our three service options? Click below for a complete list of features for each plan.