SEO, Reviews & Social Media

Learn some do’s and don’ts of SEO, reviews, and social media.

SEO Pitfalls

Learn how to protect your online presence.

Your Website SEO

Your Role in Your SEO Success

What role do you play in the success of your SEO?

Perfect Patients Role in Your SEO Success

What role does Perfect Patients play in the success of your SEO?

Understanding Your SEO Report

Learn how to understand the SEO report found in your Dashboard.

The Five Factors

Learn more about The Five Factors of Digital Chiropractic Marketing Success

Your Chiropractic Website Compliance

Learn how we are helping to make your website compliant.

Online Reviews

Online Reviews Q&A

Answers to commonly asked questions regarding online reviews.

Copying Reviews

How to safely add third-party reviews to your website

Social Media

Social Media Basics

What role does Social Media play?


How to share posts on your Practice Facebook page.

How Can People Leave Me A Review on Facebook?

Facebook has changed the way they handle reviews. Ratings have been changed to Recommendations.

Facebook Chatbox Instructions

How to add a Facebook Customer Chat to your Business Facebook Page and Website.

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page

How to optimize your Facebook business page correctly to reflect your business and brand.

Social Media Branding

How to update your profile and cover photos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

YouTube Channel Optimization Tips

How to set up your YouTube channel correctly.