Social Media Management

Social Media WebSocial media helps strengthen your brand by building patient community and promoting your practice to prospective patients. By engaging current patients and boosting your new patient reach, social platforms like Facebook helps:

  • Improve retention by staying connected with patients who follow you
  • Increase awareness which reminds patients to refer you when the time is right
  • Advertise to new patients with custom, targeted ad campaigns

Additionally, social media aids conversion from your website, as patients often research a business’ social footprint before making a decision.

This is especially true in the health field, where trust is critical. Think about it. By visiting a chiropractor, patients are trusting another person to handle their body.

A robust social media presence helps provide that trust with social proof.


Chiropractic Facebook Advertising

There are many ways to advertise your website – direct mail, radio ads, the list goes on.

But imagine a marketing channel in which you can accurately segment the age of a prospect, their gender, and their location. And doing it at a much lower cost.

That’s what Facebook Ads can do.

Maybe you’re already familiar with Facebook. You’ve built a business profile. You’ve published the occasional status update.

But posting a few updates here and there isn’t going to attract a steady flow of new patients. Successful social media marketing involves a strategy of creating engaging content, cultivating patient community, and running targeted ad campaigns.

Over the years, traditional advertising (direct mail, billboards, etc.) has become less effective. While these mediums can still attract new patients, they do so with a much lower ROI than digital strategies like Facebook Ads.

Furthermore, Facebook gives you transparent tracking information, allowing you to determine the exact cost per new patient conversion.

For example, you could market to young mothers by targeting 23 to 30 year-old females who live within 20 minutes of your practice. Or you could run an ad for prospective geriatric patients by targeting older people.

Where Perfect Patients Comes in

A profitable social media campaign requires a conversion-friendly setup process and ongoing strategy and management.

social-media-adsThis includes building cohesive branding, followed by an active social media regimen – leading to streamlined branding and a growing patient community.

Having a generic Facebook presence – that is no different from your competitor down the street – won’t get you far. A profit-driven social media campaign showcases your practice personality.

This is an integral component of the Perfect Patients Social Media Management service. Your dedicated Social Media Manager becomes an extension of your marketing team to make your Facebook presence unique to your practice.

They’ll put in place a combination of promotional and entertainment content designed to grow your following, build retention and referrals, and attract more new patients through paid advertising.

Onboarding & Setup

• Research profile, followers, and reviews
• Strategy session with Digital Marketing Specialist
• Build monthly strategy and implementation
• Design and apply Facebook branding
• Optimize profile with compelling written content
• Set up chat, call-to-actions, and other assets
• Build and launch Facebook Ad campaigns

Management & Support

• Dedicated Social Media Manager
• Maintain content calendar with client collaboration
• Publish compelling content with patient engagement
• Monthly reporting provided to client
• Boost patient referrals and retention
• Gain patient insight and adapt accordingly
• Monitor and adjust ad budget & strategy

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