New Premium Website Design: Chiropractor in Stratford, CT

As a child, Dr. Robert Pesale suffered from frequent headaches and blood pressure issues. After taking test after test, nothing seemed to ease his health problems. That was until he visited a chiropractor. After only two visits, his headaches subsided and blood pressure was normalized – without having to resort to drugs or surgery. At that moment, Dr. Pesale decided that chiropractic was going to be his profession.

Dr. Pesale’s practice, Stratford Chiropractic Spine & Injury Center, has been serving the Stratford and Bridgeport communities since 1987. The philosophy of his practice can be explained with three words: Structure Determines Function. “We identify the structural cause of your condition and then put together a specific treatment plan for you,” he explained during a 45-mintue phone interview with our content team. “We’ll take into consideration your whole health and all the systems in your body when determining the best course of treatment.”

During the pre-launch phase of Stratford Chiropractic, we learned about Dr. Pesale and his passion for natural healing. Offering a variety of chiropractic services, his practice takes healing beyond the typical chiropractic adjustment, offering nutrition, exercise, manual therapy, and a host of other treatments.

Launched under our Premium service plan, we are excited to see Stratford Chiropractic grow their online presence through our new partnership!



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