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Six Reasons Your Website is Underperforming

Simply having an attractive website with a contact page isn’t automatically going to yield you more patients.

Maybe you’ve been running campaign after campaign trying to drive and convert traffic to your website. Or maybe you’ve paid thousands of dollars to build a new website only for it to lie dormant for the past several years.

Either way, if you’re not maintaining your website with strategic initiatives to drive quality traffic, you’re missing out on a ton of new patients.

When performing a website audit on prospective clients who already have a practice website, here are the six most common pitfalls we observe:

1. Outdated web design

Color WheelSimilar to fashion and hairstyles, your website’s design, layout, and functionality show today’s web-savvy browsers just how old your site may be. If your website is dated with archaic design, and is unfriendly to visitors’ mobile devices, your prospective patients are sure to notice.

A website hostile to mobile and tablet devices is a site living in the dark ages. Catering to the 21st century online consumer is critical to drawing in new patients from the Internet. In fact, mobile devices have acted as desktop substitutes for many users, making it critical that your website is digitally versatile. Worse, your website is a surrogate patients use to judge you, your adjusting skills and even your clinical judgment.

If your site is out of date, they figure you are too!

That’s why it’s imperative that you have a well-designed, responsive practice website that will adapt to the screen size of every device.

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