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2. No online authority

TrustYou have two reputations. Your real world reputation created by delighted patients, and your online reputation created by your digital footprint – which includes your website, directory listings, citations, links, social posts, etc.

You may have a great real world reputation, with delighted patients that tout your practice to their friends and family. You may be known for your integrity, precision, and dedication to excellence. These are the qualities you’ve been striving for since you first opened your practice.

Your online reputation, however, may not be so rosy. Not necessarily because it’s poor; you may just be lacking any authoritative standing in the digital world.

Unfortunately, your real world reputation has little influence over your online authority. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are far more interested in how the rest of the Internet perceives you. For instance, how you are reviewed online, which online directories you’re listed on, and how often your practice is cited in other articles.

Combine this lack of online authority with a website that is riddled with thin, generic content and you have an online reputation that is overshadowed by the thousands of other chiropractic websites on the Internet today.

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