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4. Messy on-page optimization

SEO SignJust like anything in the real world, search engines are all about trust. And if your website is not relaying accurate, trustworthy signals, you could be missing out on prospective new patients. Here are two on-page optimization signals we frequently observe when performing new website audits:

  • Title Tag – The clickable headline that shows in search engine results describing the content of the page. This is a critical aspect of SEO because it tells search engines what your page is about while helping prospective new patients to decide whether they want to visit your website.
  • NAP – An acronym for Name, Address, and Phone Number, NAP describes the consistency of your practice information across the Internet. Online listings that vary in spelling and content from one site to the next may prevent your practice from being shown in local search results.

A fully optimized website tells search engines what your practice is about and why they should showcase your site to the host of prospective patients scouring the web.

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