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6. Poor new patient conversion

New Patient Conversion with Heart DiagramIt’s easy to conclude that online marketing doesn’t work when your efforts aren’t generating any new patients. Maybe you’re getting loads of website visitors, but no real results.

There is an art to mastering new patient conversion, as it requires a keen understanding of what’s going through the minds of your website visitors. We analyze over 30 specific conversion metrics to ensure that digital visitors are turning into real-life patients. Among the most profound metrics we observe are:

  • Browsability – Websites that are easy to browse will hold the attention spans of today’s “attention-deficit” web surfer. Subheadings, bullet points, and professional photos will break up pages and make your web copy more approachable.
  • Authenticity – “Professional” web copy shouldn’t mean cold and detached. To connect with your website visitors (and potential patients) you want to reveal your personality with a human element.
  • Video – Breathe life into your practice website by using videos of you, your team, and your office. Prospective patients like to see what it would be like to receive care in your chiropractic office.
  • Photography – Professional photos communicate trust to your website visitors. Visually-appealing photography of you and your team draws the attention of prospective patients, while keeping them navigating throughout your website. And be sure to show happy, smiling people to avoid, what we call, the Architectural Digest “neutron bomb effect.”

The High Costs of an Underperforming Website

With all the clutter flooding the Internet these days it’s difficult for people to find that “diamond in the rough.” So if you’re going to attract and keep anyone’s attention you need an optimized website that caters to the search engines while providing human value.

An underperforming website can be expensive and time-consuming. It’s more than throwing up a generic design with superficial content and stock photography.

These common pitfalls represent missed opportunities and an underperforming website that doesn’t accurately reflect you or your chiropractic practice. Simply coasting along online is not going to return your investment of time and money.

Your practice website must have a strategy and a purpose, with the expressed intent to bring more patients through your office doors.

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