Covid-19 Update: Perfect Patients Is Here For You

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So, your practice is a bit different from the mainstream chiropractor?

Fair enough.

Unique egg

We celebrate your unique approach to chiropractic!

There’s no question there’s a lot of diversity within the chiropractic profession.

While we specifically avoid naming techniques or even referring to diagnostic procedures, our patient-centric communications tend to focus on the “why” of chiropractic rather than the “how” of chiropractic.

Since you don’t practice within the scope of practice for your jurisdiction, the pages on your website dealing with your practice vision, procedures, systems and technique can be uniquely yours. We create them based on a 45-minute telephone interview. Then our writers create compelling content about you and your practice.

Unique content. Persuasive content. Designed to turn website visitors into reception room new patients.

There are only a couple of possible snags.

The first is our monthly eNewsletter. In it we focus on the underlying concepts of chiropractic and advance a vitalistic health model. Review a couple of past issues to get a feel for our approach.

The second is our eLearning modules. These help your newest patients move from a germ-fearing, symptom-treating view of health to a vitalistic, nerve-based, cause-oriented view of health. Walk through these modules yourself and see what your patients will learn.

We appreciate your unique approach to chiropractic; actually we celebrate it!

However, if you consider yourself an outlier of sorts, the Perfect Patients website service just might be the perfect fit for a renegade like you. Read more about our editorial philosophy.

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