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Custom Website Spotlight – Virginia Beach Chiropractor

Custom Website Spotlight – Virginia Beach Chiropractor

Brian Koenig

By Brian Koenig

Marketing Specialist

Published October 2, 2015

1 min read

Virginia Beach ChiropractorDrs. Tara Johansen and Spencer Johansen launched The Spine Group more than two decades ago. Experiencing pain from TMD at an early age, Dr. Spence was compelled to see a number of doctors. One of those doctors was a chiropractor, who found mechanical dysfunction that could be handled with chiropractic treatment, rather than exploratory surgery. Dr. J also desired to be a healthcare professional from an early age, having pursued chiropractic to remain injury-free for her athletic performance in high school.

Through positive and enthusiastic care, The Spine Group offers physiotherapy, massage therapy, weight loss support, and chiropractic care services. From newborn babies to those well into their nineties, The Spine Group serves people of all ages. With years of experience in promoting optimal health – in as little time as possible – The Spine Group has been recognized for providing exceptional care throughout the Virginia Beach area.

During a content interview with the team, our writing professionals learned about The Spine Group’s mission to improve their patients’ lives through natural health. “We’re constantly learning and evolving to serve our patients better,” notes Dr. Spence, and are dedicated to serving the community with charity and improved quality of life.


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