Webmail FAQ’s

How Do I Setup an Email Address for a New Staff Member?

To setup a new Perfect Patients hosted email address, please contact your Website Success Manager (Premiums only) or support@perfectpatients.com to submit your request.

Our team will setup the new email address for you and then provide you with all the details.

I Forgot My Email Password, How Can I Reset It?

Forgot your password? Click here and then click on Forgot Password and follow the instructions.

Still need help? Contact your Website Success Manager (Premiums only) or support@perfectpatients.com to request your Perfect Patients hosted email password be reset.

How Can I Check My Domain Hosted Email Online?

Traveling or need to check your email from the web? Use Webmail to easily access your email accounts hosted by Perfect Patients.

How Do I Set An Auto-Reply on my Email Account?

Please Note: An Auto-Reply needs to be set up in your Webmail account and NOT in an email client, like Outlook or Mac Mail. If you set it up in your email client, you may receive multiple auto-replies from anyone who uses a confirmation or auto-reply email setting, like support@perfectpatients.com.

First, use Webmail to easily access your email account online.
» Once in your email account, look for the three white bars at the top far right side of the page
» Click on these three white bars
» This will open a small box
» From here, click on ‘Settings’
» This will open up a larger pop-up box
» Click on ‘Incoming Email’
» ‘Auto-Reply’
» Turn the ‘Status’ ON
» Enter your message in the ‘Auto-Reply Message’ Area
» Next, check the ‘Enable’ box
» Now add in your start and end date and time
» Once completed, click ‘Save’

Congratulations! You are all set, your auto-reply will start & stop automatically on the day and time you selected.

How Do I Change My Email Password?

To change your Perfect Patients hosted email password, log in to Webmail, then follow the directions below to set the password to your personal preference.

  • Click Settings in the upper right corner
  • Select Change Password
  • Enter your Current Password
  • Enter the New Password of your choice. The new password must follow the perimeters below.

At least 8 characters long
At least 3 of the following:
one lowercase letter
one uppercase letter
one number
one non-alphanumeric (!, $, #, %, space, etc)

  • Re-enter the New Password to confirm
  • Click Save

I'm Receiving a MailQuota Warning, What Do I Do?
You will need to access your Webmail account to clear it from old emails that are no longer needed.

Once you log into your webmail account, purge or delete email from the following folders:

  • SPAM
  • Junk
  • Sent

Once these three folders have been cleared of old emails, you can then Purge Your Trash.

Note: If you right click on any of these folders from within Webmail, you will see a purge option. When you purge these folders, the emails will be deleted permanently. Please make sure you back up any emails you wish to save into a folder/print out what you need if you intend to save it.

How Do I Setup Perfect Patients Hosted Email on My Computer?

How Do I Setup Perfect Patients Hosted Email on My Smartphone?


Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to call or contact us at support@perfectpatients.com.
We look forward to hearing from you!