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WordPress Plugins Nixed

Black plug image

Third-party plug-ins represent a significant security risk.

When clients see our familiar WordPress user interface, they often assume that we can accommodate specialty plug-ins designed to expand the functionality of their website. Unfortunately, that’s not possible.

Only about 30% of our software platform is actually WordPress. We use a special version designed for multi-website administration for which most third-party plug-ins are not designed. Plus, many plug-ins consume inordinate amounts of memory or CPU processing power, slowing load times and compromising a visitor’s experience.

Worse, third-party plug-ins represent a significant security risk. In our multi-website environment it can place every website on our network in jeopardy.

So for these and other more technical reasons we decline most third-party plug-in requests. However, our development is always working on the latest new patient generating features for our platform. Share your suggestion so we can put it on our list.