Refer Your Favorite Chiropractors and Get a Free Website

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Like yours, our best clients are almost always referral clients. When delighted clients tell their peers about the Perfect Patients new patient website service, they know what to expect. They’re more willing to be a partner. They “get” us.

And qualified referrals reduce our marketing costs.

“We should pass these savings along to those who vouch for us,” observed Perfect Patients co-founder William Esteb.

“Great idea. What do you have in mind,” replied Perfect Patients co-founder Steve Anson.


Free Website For a Month

Get your buddy to sign up for Perfect Patients and identify you on the “Referred by” line of their Service Agreement and we’ll credit you a full month’s subscription fee.

We promise to take great care of them.


Free Website For Life

Get a dozen of your chiropractic tribe to sign up for Perfect Patients and identify you on the “Referred by” line on their Service Agreement and we’ll provide your website service for free. For life.

Does anyone actually do this? Yes.


Meet Dr. Tony Ebel

Dr. Ebel is our first recipient of our free website-for-life.

He’s actually referred far more than 12 clients!

Play the video to see what he says about the Perfect Patients website service.


Refer Your Favorite Chiropractors

Chances are, chiropractors you like are going to be chiropractors we like.

We’ll track your referrals as you spread the word about the Perfect Patients content, the SEO and the new patients we generate on your behalf.

Thank you for your referrals and thank you for the opportunity to be of service.


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