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At Perfect Patients, we’re chiropractic advocates who see our work as more than just web design and digital marketing, we’re bridging the gap between patients and chiropractors so that more people can experience the benefits of chiropractic care.

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Our testimonials underscore our unwavering dedication to the chiropractic community, reflecting our promise to offer services rooted in integrity, transparency, and results-driven strategies.

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Dr. Mark Plotnikoff Center for Healthy Living

“More new patients than any other marketing channel.” My company has had a website with Perfect Patients for over 10 years. I can safely say that our website draws in more new patients than any other marketing channel. I really don’t have to ask for referrals anymore, it’s automatic. Anytime I need anything done, the marketing team and staff at Perfect Patients are right there for us! Perfect Patients actually feels like an extension of my front office staff! If you don’t have Perfect Patients working for you then you must enjoy working!

Dr. Jeff Roderick www.drjeffroderick.com

“Five new patients in the last week…” We have had five new patients in the last week because of our website!

Cleveland Heights Chiropractic Clinic

“When it became time for us to have an Internet presence, we asked Perfect Patients to join our family. Perfect Patients has been a great fit for us!”

We are honored to be part of thousands of chiropractic families around the world! Cleveland Heights Chiropractic Clinic partnered with us in 2017, and practice manager, Maryclaire, shares her experience with Perfect Patients.

Dr. Cuong Huynh D.C. Discover Chiropractic

“We have been so surprised at what a difference our Perfect Patients website has made.” We transitioned from a modest website that I thought was doing just fine to a vibrant, high-converting website that elevated our online visibility and increased patient engagement and new patient appointments. The insightful, patient-centric design and content have become a powerful first impression, drawing in new patients who are reassured and impressed even before their initial visit. In a nutshell, Perfect Patients has bridged the gap between website visits and actual website conversion, amplifying our reach and impact in ways we hadn’t even imagined possible.

Dr. Kim Fletcher Fletcher Chiropractic

“We consistently rank at the top of Google…” We have been with Perfect Patients for several years and have LOVED every moment. We consistently rank at the top of Google and our website is beautiful and modern.

Dr. Stacy Gray Gray Family Chiropractic

“I am completely booked!” Keep doing what you are doing… I am completely booked and cannot take any more new patients, but please don’t change a thing!

Dr. Thomas Koehler Koehler Chiropractic

“Every profession should have a service like Perfect Patients. “Every profession should have a service like Perfect Patients. They are chiropractic in every way! I wasted a lot of time and a lot of money on other services. Bill Esteb always hits it on the nose. If you’re a chiropractor, you owe it to your patients and yourself to have a Perfect Patients website. Their team is your team. Thank you Perfect Patients!”

How Dr. Ritchie DOUBLED His New Patient Numbers

When Dr. David Ritchie purchased his practice, he knew he wanted to rebrand and get more visibility on Google. With a brand new Perfect Patients website and digital marketing strategy, he now has a solid, high-converting web presence. Download his story to see just how much growth his practice is seeing!

Dr. Ritchie’s Story »

“I love everything about Perfect Patients.” This company oozes enthusiasm, quality service, gratitude and technical expertise which permeates throughout the company. More importantly, Perfect Patients demonstrates Chiropractic the way it should be demonstrated and in a way that best represents my view and the view I want my patients to have of Chiropractic. Thank you Bill, and all the people who help create such a great chiropractic website company.

Dr. Bryan Joseph The Wellness Connection

“They make it so easy!” I’ve spent a lot of money and time learning how to make our marketing better. At the end of the day, it was overwhelming and overpriced to manage it by myself. When I finally realized what Perfect Patients offers and at such a great price the true value came crystal clear. They make it so easy because they do it all for you!

Dr. Josline Hampson Elements Health

“I’m beyond thankful…” Amazing team! We couldn’t be happier with the amazing site and amazing service. Honestly, I’m beyond thankful for the efforts of your team. Thank you.

Dr. Robert Hanopole Active Life Wellness

“My Digital Marketing Specialist has been incredible.” I am not the easiest client and I definitely have a lot of demands, very hands-on/particular when it comes to my business, my image identity, marketing and messaging must be really strong. My Digital Marketing Specialist has been incredible in listening and then implementing the vision. Just thought you should know how satisfied I am as a client.

Drs. Jessica and JaGerran Knight-Bryant

Chiropractic Dream Come True: Mustard Seed Sees 350% Surge in New Patients

Drs. Jessica and JaGerran Knight-Bryant’s journey from a new chiropractic office to a thriving practice in a competitive location is an inspiring tale of success. Within six months of launching their Perfect Patients website and digital marketing strategy, they experienced a remarkable 350% increase in new patients.

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“My only regret is not starting sooner…” Perfect Patients has been great. The customer service has been amazing. My only regret is not starting with them sooner. The site itself is fresh and modern, they’ve done an incredible job and delivered every step of the way.

Travis Oxendahl Strive Chiropractic

“Best customer service I have ever dealt with.” All of your support staff are always so helpful and so fast to take care of any issues that we have. I received both a response and a resolution to my inquiry less than two hours after I sent my email (which included adding a button/link on our website). I couldn’t be happier with your level of customer service, and it is the best customer service I have ever dealt with, both within and beyond the chiropractic field!