What Our Clients Have to Say

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Jason Penaluna

“I love everything about Perfect Patients.”

This company oozes enthusiasm, quality service, gratitude and technical expertise which permeates throughout the company. More importantly, Perfect Patients demonstrates Chiropractic the way it should be demonstrated and in a way that best represents my view and the view I want my patients to have of Chiropractic. Thank you Bill, and all the people who help create such a great company.

Jason Penaluna

Josline Hampson

“I’m beyond thankful…”

Amazing team! We couldn’t be happier with the amazing site and amazing service. Honestly, I’m beyond thankful for the efforts of your team. Thank you.

Josline Hampson

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David Dunn

“The website passed my expectations.”

My website production specialist helped guide me through the whole process and gave me great suggestions and feedback. I was amazed how much work went into it. It is definitely a custom site unique for who I am. I am very satisfied. Thank you.

David Dunn

Robert Hanopole

“My website success manager has been incredible.”

I am not the easiest client and I definitely have a lot of demands, very hands-on/particular when it comes to my business, my image identity, marketing and messaging must be really strong. My website success manager has been incredible in listening and then implementing the vision. Just thought you should know how satisfied I am as a client.

Robert Hanopole

“WOW! The site looks beautiful!”

So easy to navigate and I love how it’s broken down with the 2 offices – definitely an SEO plus. The team was incredibly attentive and professional. The turnaround time was fast but the process was thorough and efficient. Thank you so much!

Karen Trzaska

Watts Chiropractic

“Anytime we have needed help, the response has been quick and positive.”

When I was having a little trouble creating a new page with pictures for our website, our website success manager not only got the page where it was accessible, she also got the pictures into an “office tour” format – which was more than I would have ever thought to ask for! Thanks! You guys rock!

Linda Christensen

Nick Albert

“My only regret is not starting sooner…”

Perfect Patients has been great. The customer service has been amazing. My only regret is not starting with them sooner. The site itself is fresh and modern, they’ve done an incredible job and delivered every step of the way.

Nick Albert

“Perfect Patients has most certainly exceeded our expectations”

I put in a request to modify our homepage (again) and expected the request to take several days. I believe it was completed within an hour of our request! Thank you so much for your continued excellent customer service. Perfect Patients has most certainly exceeded our expectations.

Kim Eastlund

South Hills

“Our business has seen a definite boost!”

We have definitely noticed a difference! Especially in the last week or so, it seems like the requests have been almost daily, or every other. Again, you and your team have done such a wonderful job on our site, it looks great, doesn’t feel overwhelmed, I can’t say enough wonderful things about it!! Our business has seen a definite boost!

Andréa Biggie

“Our website has continued to grow with us…”

Dr. Adams – Advantage Chiropractic Clinic

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