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Monthly Chiropractic Newsletters

Monthly health and wellness newsletters sent to your patient list to educate, reactivate, and keep your practice top-of-mind.

“I received my 1st newsletter yesterday and absolutely love it. It takes so much pressure off my plate to not have to think about creation and implementation of these things. I am certain it will increase patient visits. I should have reached out a long time ago to Perfect Patients.”

-Dr. Kristy Wood
Balanced Back & Body

Foster Patient Connection With Branded Monthly E-newsletters

Mention chiropractic newsletters to veteran chiropractors and you’ll get a knowing nod: they work. They allow you to:

  • Educate patients with health and wellness content
  • Reactivate patients with this monthly email “reminder”
  • Stay top-of-mind with regular communication

But, monthly chiropractic newsletters can be a lot of work to produce. That’s why many have abandoned this sure-fire chiropractic marketing tool.

Fortunately, when you have the Perfect Patients website service, our monthly practice newsletter is written for you and sent to your patients on your behalf. (We send it to you ahead of time to review and approve, of course.)


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BIll Esteb

Newsletters Written By Chiropractic Advocates

Perfect Patients understands the nuances of chiropractic care better than any other website provider.

From our co-founder, Bill Esteb, and his career in patient education to our team members, many of whom come from chiropractic families or have worked in chiropractic offices, we get chiropractic. Our professional writers craft wellness content that celebrates the chiropractic perspective because we have experienced the benefits of care ourselves!

Seamlessly Coordinated With Your Practice Branding

Your practice e-newsletter features coordinated branding with your website to give your patients a consistent experience, a monthly reminder for patients to stay on track with their care and to book their next appointment.

You Don’t Have to Lift a Finger (Unless You Want To!)

  • You receive a preview of the following month’s newsletter at the end of each month, allowing you time to review the articles.
  • Newsletters are sent automatically the first week of every month, on whatever business day you choose.
  • You can turn off newsletters entirely if they don’t work for you, or individually if a particular month’s theme is off-brand.

Keep an Eye on Your Performance

Your Email Center shows you exactly how many emails went out and how many patients opened your emails. You can even see how many people clicked to visit your website. Use this helpful data to create additional email campaigns using the kinds of content that your patients love!

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Something Your Patients Will Look Forward To

Many chiropractors are afraid to email their patients regularly, worrying that they will annoy them. The truth is that people love emails from brands that they respect, especially if those emails include valuable information, whether it’s health tips, a personal story from the doctor, or a special offer.

Once your patients start receiving these e-newsletters they will also look forward to other emails that you send promoting your blog posts and your unique chiropractic point of view. If your patients love your newsletters, consider adding an email marketing strategy that keeps your patients coming back to your website for more, improving your SEO and increasing patient appointments!

Discover The Power of Email Marketing

Book a Discovery Call to learn more about how simple patient emails, like the Perfect Patients monthly patient newsletter, can boost retention and referrals, keeping your practice top-of-mind and educating your patients on the importance of regular care.


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Dr. Mario
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Chiropractors & Patients Love the Newsletters

“People have been telling me they love reading our monthly newsletters. The content keeps chiropractic at the forefront for them. They are essential.”