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Chiropractic Email Marketing Platform

An Easy Way to Keep Your Practice Top-of-Mind

Keep Your Patients Coming Back For More With Helpful Email Blasts

Leverage your patient audience for more referrals and reactivations with a comprehensive email marketing platform designed for chiropractic practices.

Effortlessly manage patient subscribers and send email blasts directly from your website dashboard. With custom email templates and seamless website branding integration, crafting compelling emails is easier than ever.

Elevate your patient engagement with effective email marketing today.


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Easy Patient Subscriber Management

Once your website launches, upload your patient email list so that you can send email blasts directly from your website dashboard. These are now your website subscribers! New patients are easily added individually by you or your staff.

Fallen behind on adding your new patients? No worries, upload an updated list and our team will do the rest.

Our HIPAA-compliant system ensures that patient-protected information is kept private. It also streamlines your digital marketing tools so that your marketing outreach is all in one accessible location.

Targeted Email Campaigns To Your Patient Family

Want to send targeted emails to specific groups of patients? No problem!

Our tagging feature allows you to easily group your subscribers so you can send targeted emails – a great internal marketing strategy.

You can send emails targeted to women with children. Or seniors. Or massage and acupuncture patients. Want to reactivate inactive patients? Tag inactive patients to create email blasts just for them!

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Get Your Free Copy of The Chiropractor’s Email Playbook Six customizable email templates to boost patient retention and referrals.


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Automated Patient Birthday Greetings

Celebrate your patient’s birthday with an annual greeting that reminds them that the best birthday gift is a lifetime of lasting wellness. Just include birthday data in your patient subscriber list and we’ll do the rest!

Designed to Coordinate With Your Website Branding

No need to configure a new email template with your branding. Perfect Patients website design includes a custom email header that echoes your branding. It’s all set up, ready for you every time you create a new message.

Email Content Templates for Days

You name it, we have an email template for it. Office holiday hours, seasonal greetings and wellness-specific messages are available for you to use right out of the box, or for you to customize according to your unique needs.

Custom Email Strategies For Premium and Ultimate Plans

Perfect Patients’ Premium and Ultimate service plan members enjoy a dedicated Digital Marketing Specialist available to strategize, draft, and schedule email campaigns. Book a Discovery Call today to discover all the marketing tools available to engage your ideal patient.