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New Patient Survey

Refine Your Care With Valuable Patient Feedback

Transform Patient Feedback into Growth Opportunities

Attracting and retaining new patients is critical for your chiropractic practice.

Our New Patient Survey is designed to capture valuable insights from your patients’ experiences, leveraging the latest survey technology to ensure their voices are heard and acted upon.

This service is a cornerstone of our comprehensive digital marketing package, centered around a high-converting, patient-centric website.

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Perfect Patients New Patient Survey

Quickly Gather Patient Feedback

Understanding your patients’ first impressions can significantly impact your practice.

Our intuitive survey tool enables patients to quickly and easily rate their experience by clicking on a smiley face that best represents their visit.

Simply add your new patient to your subscriber list and click to send them a new patient survey. That’s it! All of your responses can be viewed 24/7 on your website dashboard.

This effective feedback mechanism can highlight training opportunities for your staff, improve patient satisfaction, and enhance your overall service quality.


Encourage More Patient Reviews

At the end of the survey, satisfied patients can effortlessly leave a short review, which we then ask permission to publish on your website.

Moreover, we provide an easy pathway for them to share their positive feedback on popular review sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. By systematically collecting and showcasing these glowing reviews, your practice can build a strong online reputation and attract more potential patients.

Looking for a robust automated patient review system? Try Get Reviews, a patient review platform built-in to your website dashboard.

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Social Proof at Work

Positive reviews are a powerful form of social proof.

As your practice accumulates more favorable reviews, we prominently feature them in the Patient Reviews section of your website.

These endorsements from other patients can reassure prospective patients, helping to convert website visitors into actual appointments.

Streamline Your Patient Outreach Today

Request a free, no-obligation Discovery Call. Our Digital Marketing Consultants will evaluate your current ranking, examine your competitors, and identify your on-page SEO strengths and areas for improvement. Then, we’ll discuss whether Perfect Patients is the right fit for you.