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Your New Patient Goals


Perfect for referral-based practices or practices located in jurisdictions with very little competition.

$95/mo ( + setup )
  • Basic Responsive Website [?]
  • Support Team [?]
  • Monthly Online Newsletter [?]
  • 2 Branded Email Accounts [?]
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Perfect for practices with moderate new patient goals & located in low-mid competition jurisdictions.

$175/mo ( + setup )
  • Personalized
    Responsive Website [?]
  • Custom Content Interview [?]
  • Essential SEO [?]
  • Support Team [?]
  • Encourage Positive Online Reviews [?]
  • Monthly Online
    + Print Newsletter [?]
  • ROI Accountability [?]
  • Email Marketing Console [?]
  • 5 Branded Email Accounts [?]
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More than a website, this is an integrated digital marketing solution for highly competitive jurisdictions.

$395/mo ( + setup )
  • Custom Responsive Website [?]
  • Custom Content Interview [?]
  • Professional Photography [?]
  • Advanced SEO [?]
  • Dedicated Website
    Success Manager [?]
  • Social Media Content [?]
  • Encourage Positive Online Reviews [?]
  • Reputation Management [?]
  • Monthly Online
    + Print Newsletter [?]
  • ROI & Reporting [?]
  • Done-for-You Email Marketing [?]
  • Unlimited Branded Email [?]
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine which service plan is best for my practice?

The Basic Service is best for chiropractors who simply want to have a professional looking website to support your current and referral patients, but aren’t interested in getting new patients from the Internet. The Standard Service is geared toward practices in areas with a medium amount of competition who want to generate a consistent flow of new patients from the Internet.

Finally, the Premium Service is designed to maximize your digital reach and is best for chiropractors in highly competitive areas with ambitious new patient goals, or for those practices looking for a higher level of personalized service and support.

Our experienced Digital Marketing Consultants will gladly review your current online presence, local competition, and new patient goals to recommend a plan that is right for you.

What’s the difference between a “basic,” “personalized,” and “custom” website?

A key difference between the three service plans is the website design. With the Basic Service, you select a website design from our Basic Gallery that we update with your brand colors & logo. With the Standard Service, you select a website design from our gallery as inspiration and our graphic designers personalize the design for your practice. With the Premium Service, you get a completely custom website designed to showcase what makes your practice special (including logo design and professional photography!).

All of our Standard and Premium website designs are created with conversion in mind. Our 10+ years of experience in chiropractic website design has led us to become, dare we say, conversion experts. We know how chiropractic patients think and our websites are designed to turn prospective new patients into real-life new patients.

Can I change plans if my needs change?

You sure can! Our goal is to help you achieve your practice goals and we understand that sometimes those goals change. Simply give us a call and we’ll guide you through the process.

Is there a contract?

The initial contract period, after the production phase, is one year and thereafter renews on a month-to-month basis. By that time, we’re certain we’ll not only have met, but exceeded your expectations and you’ll be happy to renew with us every month!