Facebook Advertising

Promote your practice on the most popular social media platform

Why Facebook?

Facebook is among the most targeted and cost-efficient ways to promote your chiropractic website online.

Because of the social network’s ability to understand the demographics and interests of users, it can display your ad on the news feeds of those who may be interested in chiropractic treatment residing within your geographic region.

And because Facebook is such a popular social media platform, you are able to reach patients where they already spend a lot of their time!


What We Do

Here are three ways we make Facebook advertising a profitable marketing channel for your practice:

1. Integrated Marketing Strategy

We sync your organic SEO efforts with your paid traffic campaigns to develop a far-reaching web marketing strategy.

2. Conversion-Ready Landing Pages

We engage your web visitors with customized landing pages that address patient concerns and drive your ad campaigns.

3. Custom Chiropractic Content

We specialize in chiropractic content with professional writers who understand the behaviors of patients and the types of services you offer.

Want a review of your current social media strategy? Or would you like to learn how to use Facebook to grow your practice?

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