Dr. JaGerran and Jessica from Mustard Seed Chiropractic

This Husband and Wife Team Used Perfect Patients to Attract 80% of Their New Patients

Angela Hockabout

By Angela Hockabout

Published March 7, 2023
Updated November 8, 2023

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Meet Drs. Jessica and JaGerran Knight-Bryant.

When Drs. Jessica and JaGerran opened Mustard Seed Chiropractic in East Cobb, Georgia in January of 2022, they had a brand new Perfect Patients website and a dream.

Within 6 months they were seeing enough new patients (a 350% increase) to justify increasing their marketing budget and upgrading to our Premium plan. They already have their eyes set on the Ultimate plan.

So how did a new chiropractor go from a brand new office to a bustling practice in one of the most competitive locations?

Dr. JaGerran says it’s all about the website:

“80% of our patients come through this door because someone told them about us, then they found us on Google, looked at our website and booked through the website, which is incredible.”

-Dr. JaGerran Knight-Bryant

One of Dr. JaGerran’s Biggest Fears:
“How do I put Myself Out There?”

Dr. JaGerran realized early on that attracting new patients was going to be a challenge. He had worked as an associate at a busy office, but he knew that owning a chiropractic business was more than just caring for patients. You have to become an entrepreneur.

He had no problem reaching out to family, friends and his church community, but he was unsure of how to go beyond his inner circle.

“How do I get the people out there to see me and come in here, right? That’s the first question for a chiropractor, is the marketing. How do I know I have this? How do I get to these people out there who need me?”

-Dr. JaGerran Knight-Bryant

Finding Perfect Patients

Dr. JaGerran turned to a chiropractic consultant who emphasized the importance of digital marketing. Then he did a Google search on how to get more patients, finding this Perfect Patients article on the topic.

He had also worked with Dr. Tony Ebel as part of the Pediatric Experience and learned that he had worked with Perfect Patients for years.

That sealed the deal. He booked a discovery call.

The Discovery Call

Dr. JaGerran connected with a Perfect Patients Digital Marketing Consultant named Lauren. She walked him through the website production process, from sign up to launch so that he knew exactly what he was getting into.

“She gave me so much confidence to know exactly what was feasible for me on a monthly plan that worked.”

Dr. JaGerran had big goals and even admits that he has “bougie” tastes, but being a new chiropractic business, his marketing budget was limited. Lauren reassured him that he could start small with the Essential plan and move up to Premium once his practice gained traction.

“Lauren assured me that if I would just take a step in that direction toward the smaller package, we could build up to that big package that I was looking forward to and reach those masses.”

-Dr. JaGerran Knight-Bryant

The Production Process

During production, the doctors received the same attention they experienced in the sales call.

A dedicated Website Production Specialist led the doctors through a detailed website questionnaire and content interview. Design proofs were created, presented and approved, with just a few minor revisions. Before they knew it, the website was ready to launch.

The doctors were on top of the process, responding quickly to emails and requests.

Because of their collaborative spirit, the website launched in just 37 days, on the shorter end of the 4-6 week website production timeline.

The Mustard Seed Website

Seeing Results

The results were easy to see – new patients were booking appointments. Mustard Seed Chiropractic uses their third party online booking so that patients can find a time that works best for them. The only other way to book appointments was through phone calls, and the only phone calls coming in were from existing patients.

“Very rarely do we get a bunch of new phone calls, mainly, because the website is doing so well, that the patient can convert and add themselves onto our schedule right from our website.”

They are also very careful to ask new patients how they found Mustard Seed Chiropractic.

The website performance statistics confirmed what the doctors were feeling. Within six months of launch, Mustard Seed’s new patient leads were up 350%.

“Usually patients say that we saw your Google reviews and then we took the next step and searched on your website and read things. They say you seem very knowledgeable and family oriented. New patients were able to feel us through the website before they walked in. When they walked in they felt like they were already connected with us.”

-Dr. Jessica Knight-Bryant

Eyeing the Future

The website performed so well that it didn’t take long for Dr. JaGerran to get what he wanted: he upgraded to that big Premium plan so that he could get additional design features, added customization, professional photography and ongoing hands-on partnership from a dedicated Digital Marketing Specialist. But he’s not ready to stop there.

Dr. JaGerran is already considering the extra SEO strategy on the Ultimate plan. East Cobb is a competitive area with many chiropractors. The Ultimate plan (which includes Get Reviews) plus a paid advertising package might be exactly what it takes to reach the next big dream: opening up a second location.

Dr. JaGerran has one more message for new chiropractors who are opening their first practice:

“If you are a new chiropractor and you are lacking confidence in making a decision concerning your marketing… I can tell you from experience that the answer is Perfect Patients. You will get people that will listen, that will help you convey your message if you put in a little bit of work”

-Dr. JaGerran Knight-Bryant

Get the Perfect Patients Experience

Book a discovery call today to see if Perfect Patients can grow your new chiropractic business. There’s no obligation and together we might learn something new.