Top 3 Mistakes Chiropractors Make When Hiring

The Top 3 Mistakes Chiropractors Make When Hiring

Randi Grant

By Randi Grant

Marketing Manager

Published February 28, 2023

3 min read

Guest Post By: Chiro Match Makers, Chiropractic Staffing Agency

You’ve made it. Your practice is growing, and you’re ready to serve more people in your community. This is an awesome time in your career, but even just the thought of going through the hiring process can make many chiropractors’ heart skip a beat.

Hiring the right staff is essential to your success. The wrong Associate DC can cost you $100,000 or more in lost time, production, and hard costs. But, hiring the right Associate can be a $1,000,000+ benefit for your practice over time. Hiring a great CA is just as critical. The right CA can propel your practice forward, hiring the wrong CA can set you back..big time.

So how do you hire right the first time?

It starts by understanding that a few common mistakes can easily be avoided when hiring. In this blog post, we’ll share the top 3 mistakes chiropractors make when hiring so that you can avoid them in your practice!

1. Hiring someone who is not a good fit for the office

Hiring the right people for your practice is critical. The right person isn’t anyone who responded to your ad with a pulse and license!

It’s having someone who culturally fits your practice and your team.

Having someone around who isn’t a good fit for the team can cause morale and productivity levels to drop, creating more work for everyone else in the process. A lot of time and energy can be wasted trying to make it work with someone who isn’t an ideal fit for your practice.

Furthermore, mismatches between employers and employees often lead to strained relationships between individuals in the office; this is something everyone would rather avoid. Taking the time to find out exactly what kind of candidate is needed for a role will pay off in dividends over time.

The best way to do this is through assessments. Hiring assessment tools allow you to gain critical insight into the candidate, understand their motivators, and clearly see whether they will fit your practice well. This simple step is what professional recruiters do (we assess all candidates for our clients at Chrio Match Makers) and ensures an ideal fit.

Hiring people who are an ideal culture fit will create an environment where everyone is pulling together towards a common goal.

2. Not doing a thorough background check

background checkFailing to complete a thorough background check regarding who you let into business can have disastrous consequences. The risks are just too great, from higher rates of theft and property damage to decreased productivity.

Save yourself time and money in the long run by conducting a comprehensive background check on your new hires. Doing so will ensure that only individuals with clean backgrounds enter your business.

While this step isn’t glamorous, it’s an essential step in the hiring process that we do for all our clients at Chiro Match Makers. Too many chiropractors skip this when hiring, which can lead to various challenges for your practice. Don’t be caught off guard by hidden background information; make sure you have all the facts before making decisions that could harm your finances.

3. Not having a clear job description

Trying to figure out the expectations and requirements of your job without a clear job description can be an overwhelming experience. At Chiro Match Makers we call these Expectations & Agreements. Your new hire should clearly understand what’s expected of them, and you should have agreements that both of you are aligned.

Not setting clear expectations and agreements can cause a constant worry that they (or you) aren’t meeting what’s expected in their role. This is a top reason for turnover!

Not having specific deliverables for your role makes it difficult to note progress and your new hire to feel satisfaction in the work accomplished. Job descriptions play a huge role in ensuring everyone is interacting on the same page.

Chiro Match Makers Can Help

These are just a few examples of what not to do when hiring a new Associate DC or CA in your practice. You want to avoid these common mistakes to end up with the best possible candidate for the job.

If you’re still feeling unsure about hiring, we can help. Let our recruiting experts handle the sourcing, vetting, and interviewing candidates for your practice so that you can save time and money- while ensuring that your new hire will be an ideal fit for your practice. No one has placed more DC’s and CA’s than our recruiting specialists. We build dream teams.

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