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The Top 3 Mistakes Chiropractors Make When Hiring

Hiring the right staff is essential to your success. The wrong Associate DC can cost you $100,000 or more in lost time, production, and hard costs. Here are the top 3 mistakes chiropractor make when hiring.

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Time to Raise Your Fees?

If it’s been a year or more since your last price increase, it may be time to nudge your fees higher.

Probably no other business decision is more troubling than the prospect of raising fees. Countless chiropractors remain undercompensated due to the imagined effect of what a price increase would produce. If that’s you, here’s a perspective that may release you from this needless fear.

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Dr. Nathan Unruh and Bill Esteb Discuss Success in Chiropractic

The Herd with Dr. Nathan Unruh Join two leaders in the chiropractic profession, SIDECAR co-founder Dr. Nathan Unruh and Perfect Patients co-founder Bill Esteb, as they discuss success and leadership – what attributes they see in successful chiropractors and how they define success in their own lives. Enjoy their conversation below! To learn more about […]

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Bill Esteb joins Dr. Daniel Knowles on The Mile High Podcast

Perfect Patients co-founder, Bill Esteb, joins Dr. Daniel Knowles on The Mile High Podcast to discuss: How Bill found his way into the world of chiropractic, the keys to your digital and offline marketing strategy, the difference between having a website and having a digital marketing strategy, how to communicate from the patient’s point of view, and so much more.

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10 Lessons We Learned from Listening to 5,000 New Patient Calls

You’re used to us talking about website conversion because, well, that’s what we do. We turn website visitors into new patient leads who pick up the phone and call your practice.

But what happens when they call? It’s up to you and your office staff to…

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Mitigating Fear as Your Practice Reopens

Fear. Anxiety. Uncertainty. Words we’ve all been hearing and feeling a lot lately. Which is why it’s important to address an issue that many of you may be facing right now, and that is fear and anxiety in your patients and staff. As some businesses begin to reopen and restrictions are lifted, you may find […]

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