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Crafting a Standout Careers Page for Your Chiropractic Practice (Even If You’re Not Hiring)

Angela Hockabout

By Angela Hockabout

Published March 22, 2024

5 min read

Hiring staff is a milestone goal for many ambitious chiropractors, but it’s not always easily achieved.

According to the Perfect Patients 2024 State of Chiropractic Survey, 72% of chiropractors report that it’s somewhat difficult or very challenging to hire staff.

It makes sense – wages have increased and the lower unemployment rates in places like the United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand and to a lesser extent, Canada means that fewer people have been looking for work.

However, there are some easy ways that a chiropractor can stand out as a reliable, family-friendly employer to attract the right talent.

It starts with adding a careers page to your site. Sounds simple, yet few chiropractors add one.

It’s not surprising, though. A careers page isn’t specifically directed at attracting new patients and will rarely result in new patient appointments; however, a careers page can still add value to your website and enhance your SEO…even if you’re not actively hiring.

I’m Not Hiring. Why Should I have a Careers Page?

Your careers page is another place for you to celebrate your values, aka promote yourself. Sometimes a patient might take a peek at your careers page. They or someone they know might be looking for a job, and often they can learn more about who you are and how you operate by seeing what you look for in a new staff member.

happy chiropractic teamWhen you use the careers page to promote those values, you can also include information about the chiropractor’s expertise, which can fall in line with Google’s EEAT guidelines.

Secondly, a careers page increases the number of pages on your site taking you one step closer to having a larger website footprint than your competitors. It also represents more opportunities for you to link to other areas of your website.

Furthermore, a careers page shows that you’re not just a chiropractor, you’re also an employer, which adds to your credibility and “authority” in the eyes of Google and your patients.

What to Put on a Chiropractic Careers Page

It’s easy enough to simply share your open positions, but that should be the bare minimum.

Career pages that go above and beyond will connect with the most ambitious workers, especially if a little time is put into an introduction, information about what it’s like to work in the office, testimonials from current employees and more. Putting this level of consideration towards future hires doesn’t just impress your future staff, it also shows patients how much thought is put into selecting the right team for their care.

Share an Inspiring Introduction

The careers page is your opportunity to show everyone how you stand out in the local marketplace.

  • What makes you the best chiropractor?
  • What makes you a good employer to work with?
  • What are your hopes for your employees?
  • What do you do to facilitate a positive work environment?

The best careers pages include an introduction that talks about the business’s origins and what they offer potential hires in terms of opportunities and benefits. You can share what you value in your employees and the kind of environment that they will be working in. The applicants who see your values in themselves will feel even more empowered to apply!

Example: Impulse Health and Wellness

Impulse Health introduces their career page with the following inspiration:

Impulse Health Careers Page Introduction

Show What It’s Like to Work in Your Office

It’s one thing to talk about what it’s like in your office, it’s something else to show it!

Consider adding a photo slideshow of you and your team in action.

Or include a YouTube video where the doctor talks about working at his or her practice. Talk about what you’re looking for in new hires.

Back To Living Chiropractic shares a friendly video from the doc herself. How often do you get to hear about the job opportunity firsthand from your future boss? Applicants can get an immediate feel for who the doctor is and whether they’re open to working with them.

Make it Easy to Submit Applications.

Job applicants are likely applying for multiple jobs. Be clear about the position requirements and what is needed to submit a strong application. Make it super easy for them to submit their application either by email or with a custom form.

Example: Central Avenue Health Centre

Central Avenue Health Centre uses an easy form for applicants to express their interest and upload their cover letters and resumes.

Central Avenue Health Centre Employment Form Example

Hit a Home Run – Share an Employee Testimonial

Hearing from employees can really seal the deal when finding the best workers. It’s not that often that you get to see what current team members think about their position and their employer. Testimonials from trusted employees past and present show that you walk the talk.

Potential hires will take those reviews seriously. Plus, it’s not common, so it will make your open position and your practice stand out!

Example: CanberraSpine Centre

Spine Centre has a whole page of staff testimonial videos that showcase what a positive work environment they offer.

Canberry Spine Centre Testimonial Video Page

Finally – Make Sure Your Website Shines

This article has assumed that you already have a website that celebrates you and your practice, but if it’s been a while since you’ve had a new website design, you might want to consider building something new that implements all the latest conversion strategies and SEO best practices.

An old website sends the wrong message to potential hires (not to mention patients). A website is an important practice tool. If it’s not up-to-date, that can mean more work for front office staff answering questions or assisting confused patients. Savvy job seekers will choose a position with a chiropractor who understands the importance of a current, vibrant website.

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