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Embrace Your Chiropractic Identity: The Power of Authentic Marketing with Dr. Wade

Angela Hockabout

By Angela Hockabout

Published April 16, 2024
Updated April 24, 2024

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In the course of building thousands of chiropractic websites, we’ve seen patients respond best to chiropractors who express their personal chiropractic point of view in their branding, photos and content.

This kind of authenticity resonates deeply with potential patients, facilitating a trust that results in more booked appointments and a stronger commitment to their care.

While not every chiropractor feels comfortable putting themselves in the spotlight, showing up authentically doesn’t have to take you out of your comfort zone. In fact, it can make you feel even more confident in who you are as a chiropractor.

Just ask Dr. Wade Port, owner of Lifeworks Chiropractic in Marietta, GA , a co-leader with MLS Seminars and Perfect Patients client. Through his role as a Co-Leader at MLS Seminars, Dr. Wade trains chiropractors to elevate their craft with a sense of purpose so that every chiropractor brings their whole self to patient care – and by extension to their digital marketing.

Read on to learn more about Dr. Wade, how his philosophy, branding and website combine to convey his unique approach to care. Plus, discover how MLS Seminars could deepen your commitment to chiropractic, and your sense of self, inspiring more patients to trust in your care.


Meet Dr. Wade

Dr. Wade Port adjusting an infantDr. Wade has been a practicing chiropractor for over twenty years. In addition to his own office, Lifeworks Chiropractic, Dr. Wade has also toured the world supporting well known music acts as part of his own ChiropracTOUR.

Spend any time talking with Dr. Wade and it is easy to understand why high profile folks enjoy his presence. His passion for chiropractic and the body’s innate healing power shines, but it’s his curiosity about people that makes it easy to trust Dr. Wade. Patients and chiropractors alike feel safe to share their dreams, struggles and health challenges.

This passion and curiosity is something that has been intentionally woven into every aspect of Dr. Wade’s brand. Through the artfully crafted branding and homepage video, by his team at LS Consulting + Creative, to his personality that radiates through every page of his website, his online presence clearly showcases his values and how they flow into every aspect of his business.”

The Lifeworks Brand – Establishing the value of chiropractic care

Branding and Logo – Setting Expectations

First off let’s look at the business name: “Lifeworks”. It’s all one word, suggesting that his practice is a place where the essence of life is generated. This notion makes one consider chiropractic care as central to a full life. This in turn also refers to Dr. Wade’s dedication to straight chiropractic and the body’s innate ability to heal. One could think of the body’s innate ability to heal as the way that “life, works”.

Lifeworks Chiropractic Logo


Pair that name with a logo in cool indigo tones with a gently serifed font in all caps that evokes a sense of mythology, and you’ve got a brand that evokes a chiropractor who believes in the strength of chiropractic care that serves innate healing.


Home Page Video – Delivering on the Promise

The great thing about videos? They show instead of tell.

Dr. Wade's Website VideoDr. Wade’s Home Page Video (link opens another tab)

Patients get to see the doctor in action in his office, along with his staff. A mother holds her newborn, we see the doctor gently adjusting a baby and taking time to speak with patients.. The shots of the office space and the staff welcoming patients show that nothing is forced. The video captures what the practice looks like on a typical day and what patients can expect.

This answers so many patient questions! What is the office like? How does the doctor interact with patients? What kinds of patients does this practice see?


Photos – Keep The Story Rolling

Dr. Wade’s website continues the video’s visual storytelling with large, eye capturing images. We see photos of Dr. Wade both adjusting different patients and in his other role as an educator. It’s clear that he helps a wide range of patients from pregnant moms to seniors while also mentoring other chiropractors.

Dr. Wade Port Website Image Example

These images are paired with short text blocks that promote chiropractic care, the doctor’s bio, and their practice approach. There are striking buttons that make it easy for patients to dig in and learn more.

The headlines echo his branding with phrases like “People Who Want to Experience More”, “Lifeworks and the Chiropractic Way of Life”, “Passion Meets Precision” and finally, “Customized Care for Every Body”.

Know What You Stand For

Dr. Wade’s branding stands out because it represents him, his values and what he hopes for his patients. He knows what he stands for and it can’t help but shine through both in person and in his online presence.

The tough part is not taking the time to create the video or choosing the right photography and the right photos. It’s easy to arrange that video!

The real challenge that so many chiropractors struggle with today is figuring out what they stand for, knowing who they are as a chiropractor and owning that unique point of view that they bring to chiropractic. All of these things work together to attract the kinds of patients they want to help the most.

For 20 years now, Dr. Wade has been a key part of MLS Seminars, an organization that offers chiropractic mastery training that specifically helps chiropractors on that journey. MLS’s chiropractic mastery training weaves together both training in chiropractic techniques that will strengthen your craft as well as self-work that will help you identify obstacles to your joy and success.

Unlock Your Chiropractic Superpower With MLS Seminars

You might have seen Dr. Wade or his co-leaders from MLS Seminars at various chiropractic conferences. They’re the chiropractors trading adjustments and looking curious, engaged and yet at ease with others. Joyful at the process of positioning themselves and their patients as they mindfully assess and perform chiropractic adjustments.

We asked Dr. Wade what he thought the driver was behind this contagious joy.

“At our training, people are connected to the fire, passion, and the chiropractic principle they fell in love with in the first place. Then we give them an adjusting method that matches the beautiful message we have. MLS acts as a bootcamp of sorts to keep people pointed to their ‘true north’ amidst a culture of insurance-based therapeutic fixing of people.”

-Dr. Wade

Dr. Wade, alongside MLS founder, Dr. Arno Burnier, has worked with thousands of chiropractors over the last two decades and he’s seen first-hand the challenges they face engaging in the life of a Chiropractor while they figure out their unique point of view and what they stand for. He has witnessed the emotional journey required by those who choose to be extraordinary in order to find out who they are and why, if their life depended on it, they would choose themselves for an adjustment.

The MLS Approach: Rekindling the Flame

MLS stands for “Mastery”, “Love” and “Service”, as the values that every chiropractor should hold in caring for their patients. Based on Dr. Arno Burnier’s teachings, it offers a pathway of CEU-approved seminars at chiropractic conferences and weekend training sessions to help chiropractors bring more of themselves to their care.

Here’s a sample of what MLS students learn:

1. Professional and Personal Growth
How to train as a professional and become an elite level Chiropractor and adjuster learning the principles needed to manage a vitalistic, family, cash-based practice with congruency and integrity.

2. Physical and Mental Preparation
Train the body and mind in a Chiropractic specific way that leads to power, presence, and longevity.

3. Technical Skill Development
Adjustment specific drills and visualizations to improve speed, core power, specificity, and comfort.

4. Analysis and Listening Enhancements
Methods to ‘read the person’ and ‘have the neuro-spinal system at ease’ before palpation and force introduction, promoting a holistic assessment and understanding.

Get Ready To Bring your Full Self

MLS Seminars aren’t the kind of CEU course where you find yourself standing in the hall drinking too much coffee.

“MLS training results in having a damn good time setting people free. There’s a payoff. I love what I do. I want to provide the opportunity for as many chiropractors as I possibly can to fall head over heels in love first with themselves. You can reap inner and outer wealth and be on the ‘endless vacation’ because you love the work that you do and the people you serve. It’s just amazing. And I want that for more people.”

-Dr. Wade

Let Your Spirit Shine Through

If you’re wondering if your passion and spirit accurately shine through your online presence or think you could be doing better, book a Discovery Call with Perfect Patients for a free no obligation consultation.