The Mid-Year Review Every Chiropractor Needs

Angela Hockabout

By Angela Hockabout

Published July 11, 2023

3 min read

Are You Meeting Your Business Goals For The Year?

Remember your ambitious 2023 goals? Take this opportunity, at the midpoint of the year, to examine your chiropractic patient growth and evaluate your digital marketing progress to set the stage for a bustling second half of the year.

Use the strategies below to evaluate what’s working and see what might require a new approach.

Don’t have time to do an in-depth review? Download our simple New Patient Goals worksheet to see on paper how your year is shaping up and get some inspiration to finish the year strong.

Step One – Review Your New Patient Numbers and Find Opportunities

Examining your patient metrics is a critical exercise to identify trends and fuel your business growth. Use this data to build a roadmap to success.

  1. Do you know where you’re at toward reaching your goals?
    Do you have capacity for more new patients? Is it time to hire an associate? Or are you noticing a downward trend? It is important to know where you are at now so you can put energy in the right places to grow.
  2. Evaluate your marketing activities.
    If certain efforts coincide with a spike in new patients, consider amplifying these campaigns. If not, re-evaluate your marketing strategies – what are your primary marketing initiatives, what’s changed (if anything), and why aren’t they working?
  3. Fine-tune your patient experience.
    Dr. Bryan Joseph of The Wellness Connection says it perfectly: “First and foremost, you must deliver an amazing experience for your patients. That experience comes from a combination of touches beginning from the attitude and energy that people feel coming from you and your team all the way to what they see online about you.
  4. Identify opportunities to increase efficiencies.
    What tasks are you doing that you can delegate to someone else? Is your staff spending too much time on things that could be handled more efficiently by a third-party service? Your time is best spent with patients so look for opportunities to reduce the noise and focus on your gifts.

Step Two – Check Your Website’s Performance

Your website performance is a pivotal component of your business strategy. Review key performance indicators on Google Analytics to make informed improvements:

  • Organic website traffic: If numbers are trending downward, consider bolstering your SEO strategies. Identify the keywords people are searching to find you. If the primary source of your traffic is branded searches (your name or practice name), this indicates an opportunity for increased optimization based on keywords related to your services.
  • Pages per session: If visitors view only one or two pages per visit, work on internal linking and adding compelling content to improve user experience and keep them engaged.
  • Bounce rate: High bounce rates may indicate irrelevant traffic, poor user experience, or your website could be missing key information that they’re looking for. Improve website layout, loading times, and make sure your content is relevant to your target audience.
  • Conversion rates: The best indicator of website conversion rate is visits to your contact and/or booking page. Are they trending in the right direction? Consider more strategic calls-to-action to lead visitors there.

Not sure how to view this data or how it can inform your digital marketing strategy? Book a Discovery Call with a Perfect Patients Digital Marketing Consultant and they’d be happy to go over it with you.

Step Three – Leverage Offline Marketing Efforts to Enhance Your Online Presence

Enhance your online marketing with offline tactics. Here are some strategies:

  • Host summer wellness events and promote them on Facebook or Eventbrite, linking back to your website.
  • Create blog posts, social media content, and emails related to your events to increase website traffic. These could include summer health tips or behind-the-scenes of your event preparations.
  • Network with local businesses to collaborate on co-marketing activities. For instance, you could offer a joint “Summer Wellness Package” that combines your services with a local gym membership.
  • Use print advertising in local publications to reach people who might not find you online. Promote a new patient special or new service offering.

Partner with Perfect Patients for a Winning Patient Growth Strategy

A Perfect Patients Digital Marketing Consultant can provide valuable insights on your 2023 business marketing strategy. With their vast experience, they understand the most effective strategies for chiropractic patient acquisition. Plus, consultations are pressure-free and without obligation.

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