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Top 10 Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tips for 2024

Randi Grant

By Randi Grant

Marketing Manager

Published December 13, 2023

7 min read

This year, embark on a journey to reach your most ambitious practice goals with innovative digital marketing strategies. This chiropractic digital marketing guide details the top 10 ways to elevate your practice marketing, paving the way for a surge in new patients in 2024.


#1 – Embrace the Power of E.A.T

In the digital realm, especially in healthcare, your website’s content needs to inspire trust, both for patients and search engines.

In 2024, it’s essential to concentrate on E.A.T. – Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. How do you achieve this? By sharing your knowledge on reputable websites. Whether it’s an interview, a guest blog post, or a mention in an article, these contributions boost your standing with Google, affirming your expertise and trustworthiness.

To enhance your E.A.T.:

  • Collaborate with influential patients (bloggers, influencers, etc.) to share health tips and get links back to your website.
  • Join HARO for opportunities to contribute insights to health articles.
  • Engage in community events for meaningful connections and to earn backlinks from other local businesses, non-profit organizations, schools, and your local government.

💡Tip: For Perfect Patients Premium clients, consult with your Digital Marketing Specialist for tailored strategies. They know exactly what your website needs to inspire new patients to book now.


#2 – Refresh Your Website Design

An outdated website can hinder your practice’s growth. In 2024, take a critical look at your website’s design:

  • Has the design been updated in the last 3-4 years?
  • Does it appeal to your ideal patient?
  • Does your website design stand out against your local competition?
  • Does it feature professional imagery and persuasive content?
  • Is it responsive on various devices?
  • Are there clear calls-to-action?

Identify areas for improvement or consider a complete redesign with a chiropractic website design agency like Perfect Patients.

💡Tip: Unsure where to begin? Get guided assistance, free of charge. Our consulting team is always available to answer digital marketing questions. Request a free Website Evaluation today.

#3 – Harness Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t dead! It can be your most powerful tool, especially if you have a strong patient email list.

Your patients rely on your advice and many of them could benefit from your leadership. A simple email to your patient list can result in reactivations, an increase in referrals, and more booked appointments.

And because email is such a low-cost digital marketing strategy, it usually has the highest ROI!

woman checking email

Your emails remind patients that their wellness journey is important, and you’re here to support them every step of the way.

💡Tip: Many chiropractors are afraid of emailing their patients too often, however timely emails that truly help your patients are always welcome. Use our FREE chiropractic email marketing cheat sheet to get started today.

#4 – Manage and Amplify Patient Reviews

Your online reputation is vital. In fact, 66% of consumers use Google to check reviews for the healthcare industry.* Is your online reputation giving a good first impression?

Tips for staying on top of it:

  • Regularly check review sites like Yelp, Facebook, Healthgrades, and your Google Business Profile.
  • Respond thoughtfully to reviews, and consider a review automation service for streamlined monitoring.
  • Embrace both positive and negative reviews for a genuine online presence.

💡Tip: Ask for reviews! Most people won’t think to post a review unless they’re asked to. Use email blasts and text messages to remind folks that their positive experiences help others get the chiropractic care they need.

“A blend of good reviews and bad reviews shows that you aren’t trying to hide anything, and makes the good reviews seem more sincere.”

-Jayson DeMers, Forbes Contributor

#5 – Be social!

Social media is a great way to stay top-of-mind with patients by meeting them where they spend a lot of time.

Active social media engagement enhances patient retention and referrals. Share insightful health content, link to your blog posts, and use our Social Media Content Service to ease your workload. It’s important to show the world your brand of care. Every impression counts!

Read our popular post 29 Chiropractic Facebook Post Ideas to Make You a Social Media Genius for actionable tips and free graphics.


💡Tip: Share more than chiropractic content. Cross post with other local businesses, promote local events and highlight charities to show how involved you are in the community.

#6 – Establish Your Expertise with a Blog Routine

Google favors websites with fresh, informative content. Answer common patient queries through blog posts, showcasing your authority and commitment to patient health.

Tips for writing engaging blog posts:

  • Pick a theme that answers searchers’ questions. Think about the the questions new patients frequently ask and write blog posts answering them.
  • Share patient success stories and focus on patient concerns -one month it could be migraines; another month could focus on sciatica.
  • Linking to specific services pages will encourage your patients to consider taking the next step in their care.

💡Tip: Keep your blog post short, sweet and to the point – and be sure to end with a “Call-to-Action” – encourage your patients to contact you with questions, or even book an appointment! Download your free copy of 101 Blog Topics for Chiropractors to help you get started.

#7 – Engage with Your Community and Strengthen Your Website

Active community involvement not only promotes your practice but also demonstrates your dedication to the welfare of your community. Sponsor local events, sports teams, donate to charities, and share these activities on your website and through social media.

Clearly, it’s beneficial to become well-known in your community for being involved, but these activities also help your digital marketing. When local entities like non-profits, small businesses, schools and governments link to you, search engines trust you more and will be more likely to rank your website well.

💡Tip: Whenever you sponsor an event or a charity, inquire whether you’ll be featured and linked on their website.

#8 – Showcase Patient Testimonials

Incorporate patient testimonial videos on your website, if permissible, to provide social proof of your effective care.

  • Create a testimonials page and update it regularly.
  • Get video testimonials as often as possible.
  • Consider using patient review software that highlights your Google reviews on your home page.
  • Write blog posts celebrating patient success stories, along with a call to action asking for more reviews.

💡Tip: Your phone is your friend when it comes to video testimonials! Whenever a patient says how grateful they are for your care, ask them if they’d be comfortable sharing that on video and get them to sign a release form.

If they agree, use your phone to record the video and share it on your socials. It could be exactly what someone needs to begin care.

#9 – Evaluate office procedure

While evaluating your chiropractic marketing strategies, don’t forget to look at what is going on inside your office.

When your chiropractic marketing initiatives get prospective patients to call, is your staff converting them? Are they knowledgeable about your services and effectively answering new patient questions? Are calls being answered or are too many being put on hold?

staff meeting
💡Tip: Your digital marketing doesn’t mean anything if you can’t get callers to schedule their first appointment. Go over these tips with your staff to make sure calls are being handled appropriately.

Want a chiropractic digital marketing initiative that will send patients who want to see a chiropractor today? Give pay-per-click (PPC) advertising a shot! Google Ads, for instance, gives you the opportunity to target local residents who are specifically using Google’s search engine to find a new chiropractor. Select the search terms you want to target, create your ads, and link your ads to a special landing page on your site. You only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it.

While Google Ads sound simple, we find that you get the most new patient leads for your ad spend when you hire a team to manage your chiropractic PPC advertising.

💡Tip: Be sure any team that manages your PPC campaigns offers call tracking so that you can review all of your incoming google ads calls.

Reviewing these calls offers many opportunities to improve your patient conversion rate, and maximizes your Google Ads ROI.

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