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From Spinal Checks to SEO: The Synergy of Traditional and Digital Marketing for Chiropractors

Angela Hockabout

By Angela Hockabout

Published May 1, 2023
Updated October 24, 2023

5 min read

“We get so much help with our digital marketing from the Perfect Patients Ultimate Plan, but that’s not everything we do. We have to be in the community.”

-Dr. Daniel Knowles – Network Spinal Center, Boulder CO.

Traditional marketing is not dead.

Surprised to hear that from a digital marketing company?

Well, we’re here to tell you how traditional marketing can support and enhance your digital marketing efforts to help you achieve breakthrough practice success.

How In-Person Marketing Impacts Your Chiropractic Website

Community building through events and sponsorships is a tried-and-true traditional marketing technique for chiropractors that can put you directly in front of your target audience while also giving you an opportunity to earn backlinks from local organizations.

These backlinks, in turn, improve your website’s authority and drive more traffic, leading to better search engine rankings and more patient appointments.

Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles from Network Spinal Center are experts in backlinking and have successfully used in-person marketing to attract new patients and maintain their search rankings in one of the most competitive jurisdictions in the United States.

They have graciously shared their top tips for integrating in-person marketing into your overall strategy to help you build a stronger community and generate more backlinks.

With their help, you can take your chiropractic practice to the next level, see the digital benefits of your efforts, and attract more patients than ever before.

#1 Establish a Routine

Commit to earning more backlinks every month by planning 1-2 events. The businesses you partner with for events will want to share your website to promote the occasion, earning you a high quality, local backlink.

“People run into you both in the digital realm and on the street; in gyms, helping local charities, being at local meetings, holding classes and presentations. This creates a connection that merges the digital with the real world, and soon everyone knows who you are and what you do.”

-Dr. Daniel Knowles

While putting on events can be daunting, they don’t have to take up too much time or energy.

Here are a few examples:

  • Offer Free Spinal Checks at compatible businesses (gym, health food stores, etc.)
  • Host a booth at a local community event, festival, or conference
  • Get involved in a local charity that you are passionate about
  • Sponsor a local sports team

#2 Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Local Businesses to Partner With You

When it comes to partnering with other local businesses, as Dr. Daniel has learned, all you have to do is ask. Many local businesses would be thrilled for you to share a special event to add value to their business.

“I once went to 24 hr fitness, told them that I’d like to do a spinal health class for trainers and provide lunch. It was an offer that they couldn’t refuse! I brought lunch for all the trainers, did a talk about spinal and nervous system health and what to look for with clients who could improve their range of motion. Then, we sent them an edible arrangement.

Soon we were doing spinal screenings for their members every month and getting new patient referrals from the trainers!”

-Dr. Daniel Knowles

The gym isn’t your only opportunity. Natural grocery stores are everywhere and many offer small educational spaces where you can hold events.

“There’s a local grocery store with a community space, and I talked with someone in the nutrition area and asked if we could use the space to hold a community talk. They said sure! They did Wellness Wednesdays once a month and they even gave out flyers at the checkout line and shared the event online, leaving a link to our website.

-Dr. Daniel Knowles

You don’t get these opportunities if you don’t ask for them. Who could you be working with in your community if you weren’t afraid to ask?

#3 Work With Local Charities And Become Known For Your Goodwill

Some of the best backlinks you can get come from charities. Become known for your community work and make people and search engines trust you more.

Dr. Daniel has developed a routine where he picks one charity per month, and donates a portion of his new patient fees to the charity.

“Every community has local non profits that are vital to their communities. Reach out to them and say, ‘You do great things, how can I support you?’. “

-Dr. Daniel Knowles

This kind of work is actually simple, once you get used to the routine:

  1. Call the charity and let the charity know that you’ll be donating a portion of your first visit fees to them for that month.
  2. Send them written information about how the donations will work that they can share with their donors.
  3. Ask the charity to share on social media and on their website (linking to your website).
  4. See more new patients based on the referrals from the charity.
  5. At the end of the month, work with a local print shop to print an oversized check and present it to the non-profit group.
  6. Share any photos with your patients via email blast and social media.
  7. Thank the non-profit.

#4 Get Involved in Your Chiropractic Community

Another way to gain authority with search engines is to get backlinks from others in the chiropractic industry.

For example, Drs. Daniel and Richelle created Mile High, a chiropractic conference in Denver, CO. The weekend-long seminar is an opportunity for chiropractors to learn from each other, and it’s also a great opportunity for Mile High attendees to earn a backlink.

The Mile High website includes a practice directory that links to the websites of its attendees.

Every relevant link helps!

What industry groups, organizations, or meet-ups are you involved in? Are there opportunities there for you to earn a backlink? Think: directories, event pages, sponsor listings, etc.

Start Building Your Local Community and Reap the Digital Benefits Today

Competition for chiropractic patients can be fierce. Set yourself apart by becoming a leader in your community. It will put you in front of your audience and lead to business partnerships that can deliver more new patients.

Dr. Daniel and Dr. Richelle Knowles are proof that new patients are out there, waiting for you to connect with them, at home, in the grocery store, and at the gym. Don’t forget to connect with fellow chiropractors, too, to add extra authority to your SEO footprint.

Interested in learning more? Book a discovery call today Get help with your digital marketing and create an overall practice marketing strategy. There’s no obligation, only the opportunity for us to learn something new together.