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What Chiropractors Need to Know About Patient Reviews in 2023

Angela Hockabout

By Angela Hockabout

Published April 4, 2023
Updated April 10, 2023

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Key Takeaways from Bright Local’s 2023 Consumer Review Report

Local SEO Experts, Bright Local, released their annual consumer review report for 2023.

It’s full of data that can help inform your patient review strategy.

Here we dive into the statistics most relevant to chiropractors so you can start making smarter decisions about your online presence today.

The key takeaways are:

  1. Google continues to be most popular review platform
  2. The best way to get more reviews → ask for them
  3. The one factor that might matter more than your star rating, is actually one you can control


1. Google is the Review King

According to Bright Local’s report, people rely on Google both as a search engine and as the number one consumer review platform:

  • 82% of all business searches start on Google.
  • 87% of people use Google to check reviews.
  • 66% of consumers use Google to check reviews for the healthcare industry.

With at least 66% of prospective patients searching Google specifically for healthcare reviews, it’s important that your Google Business Profile and online reviews are up-to-date and that you have a consistent flow of new reviews coming in regularly.

While some people might book an appointment from your Google Business Profile directly, others want to do a little more research.

Make sure your profile links to your practice website and that your website does these three things:

  1. Showcases more positive reviews (it’s the social proof people need to make a decision).
  2. Is designed to appeal to your ideal patient.
  3. Makes it easy for visitors to find the information they’re looking for.
💡 Digital Marketing Opportunity:

Be prepared for prospective patients to find you through your website AND/OR your Google Business Profile. Keep both in top shape to encourage more patients to choose you.


2. Always Ask For Reviews

Asking patients to review you can feel awkward. But Bright Local’s data confirms it’s worth it. The data shows that you’ll get far more reviews if you simply ask for them.

The 2022 Consumer Review Survey Says:

  • 12% of people always leave a review when asked.
  • 22% left a review more than half the time when asked.
  • 30% left a review less than half the time when asked.

Luckily there are chiropractic review request platforms that can automate the process of asking for reviews.

For instance, Get Reviews by Perfect Patients is a review automation platform with two-way texting that allows you to send automated email and text requests to your patients.

💡 Digital Marketing Opportunity:

Save time and get more reviews with a review automation system. Learn more about Get Reviews.


3. The One Thing That Can Make or Break Your Online Reputation

Many chiropractors get frustrated about patient reviews because they can’t control what people write and sometimes a review doesn’t tell the whole story. The notion that such reviews can hurt your business can keep doctors awake at night.

But there’s good news.

Out of all the factors influencing whether or not consumers use a business, one you actually can control makes the biggest difference:

88% of consumers said that whether or not a business owner responds to all of their reviews influences whether or not they use that business.

No business is perfect. Patients, doctors, front desk staff… they all have bad days from time to time. The occasional negative review doesn’t have to be a negative thing.

Your positive reviews and your responses to all reviews can save the day.

💡 Digital Marketing Opportunity:

Make sure you respond uniquely and kindly to all of your reviews.*

*Make sure to follow the privacy/compliance guidelines of your jurisdiction when responding.


Take Control of Your Patient Reviews

Make a patient review strategy an extension of your patient care and see how it draws in new patients.

  • Prioritize your Google reviews (and your Google Business Profile)
  • Feel free to ask your patients to leave you a review via email or text
  • Respond to your reviews and show potential new patients how much you care

Enhance Your Patient Review Strategy

Need more help with patient reviews? Book a Discovery Call today to see how Perfect Patients can take your online reputation to new heights.