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Slide into Success: Sports Sponsorships and Digital Strategies for Stellar Chiropractic Growth

Angela Hockabout

By Angela Hockabout

Published October 12, 2023

2 min read

Have you ever wondered what sets thriving chiropractors apart from the rest? It’s more than just patient rapport and an attractive website. In today’s competitive world, a more nuanced approach is essential.

Blending the strengths of digital marketing with classic patient growth techniques can be a game-changer, pushing your presence beyond the confines of your clinic and into the community. By championing local wellness causes and fostering ties with fellow health-centric businesses, you can carve out a distinct niche.

To shed more light on this, we chatted with Dr. Jeff Danielson, whose insights and experiences have paved the way for growth in his practice and among his colleagues.

Beyond Traditional Sponsorship – Introducing Team Doc

Dr. Danielson, like many entrepreneurs, once donated $500 to sponsor a local youth baseball team. The gesture was heartwarming and his practice’s name proudly adorned their jerseys. He earned some local goodwill and raised some awareness of his business.

But did he book any new patients?

Not so much.

Wanting to continue supporting local sports teams while also growing his patient base, he tried something a little different the next time – Dr. Danielson took a moment at the team’s first meeting to educate families about the benefits of chiropractic for athletes.

The results?

Incredible! His Team Doc patient marketing program was born.

Team Doc, A Renewable Source of New Patients

On average, he engages with a team for just 40 minutes and walks away with about 12 new potential patients. But the numbers keep growing, with him getting 81 new patient leads from one recent event!

Here’s the kicker – the potential doesn’t end with one team. As one season transitions to the next and older players make way for younger ones, the opportunity to gain new patients remains evergreen. Plus, current team members often become enthusiastic advocates, sharing stories of enhanced athletic performance or quick injury recovery thanks to chiropractic care.

As successful as this program is, Dr. Danielson knew there was room for even more growth.

The Role of Digital Engagement

Physical events and sponsorships can generate interest, but often, the final decision is influenced online. A responsive, patient-centric website bridges the gap between initial contact and conversion. If your website isn’t compelling enough to new patients, you’re losing opportunities to grow your business.

Sometimes chiropractors will live with a simple website because they aren’t comfortable with technology. Luckily, Dr. Danielson has found a way around his own lack of technological know-how.

“With many responsibilities in my practice, I felt it best to trust specialists for my website. That’s why I turned to Perfect Patients.”

-Dr. Jeff Danielson

Winning Every Possible New Patient

Curious to know whether your website is up to the task to maximize your patient outreach efforts?

Evaluate Your Online Presence

  • Does your website offer easy navigation?
  • Is your brand’s mission and vision clear?
  • Can visitors get a feel of your office environment?
  • Have you prominently featured your specialized services for athletes?
  • Is there information on your family and pediatric care services?

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Big Fish Enterprises: Comprehensive Support for Chiropractors

With a track record of managing over 11 clinics and training more than 70 associates, Dr. Danielson’s Big Fish Enterprises is a trusted name in the industry. He understands the value of targeting diverse patient groups, such as student athletes, and offers tailored programs to reach them.

Whether you’re starting out or looking to expand, Big Fish Enterprises provides a range of services, from mentoring to business strategy.