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Brian Koenig

By Brian Koenig

Marketing Specialist

Published September 8, 2015

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Facebook has over a billion monthly active users, who now spend more time “updating their statuses” than they spend checking their emails. This underscores the power social media has to communicate with existing and prospective new patients.

That being said, running a chiropractic practice while engaging patients online can be challenging, to say the least. To lend a helpful hand, consider these social media post ideas to give your Facebook page a facelift. In doing so, you’ll encourage followers to engage with your practice both online and offline.

#1. Ask a Question

People enjoy talking about themselves, particularly on social media. Pose a question to your Facebook followers about their daily habits. Then ask them to “like,” comment, or share your post.

Posts like the example below encourage people to contribute to the conversation on a personal level. By ending the following post with a question like, “What’s your favorite exercise?” you’re encouraging visitors to engage with you and others on your Facebook page:

Facebook Post Idea 1

#2. Offer an Interesting Statistic

After finding an interesting story, fact, or video you believe the average patient might find surprising, share it on your Facebook page. Be sure that the information does not contain too much jargon. Instead, make sure it focuses on the typical person who is, or may be, interested in chiropractic care.

Not only will patients find the information amusing, it might even encourage them to set up an appointment! For instance, this post by the American Chiropractic Association speaks to someone who might be considering treatment for neck pain:

Facebook Post Idea 2

#3: Post an Inspirational Message

Whether it’s on a business page or on one of your friend’s pages, you’ve probably seen motivational messages frequently posted on social media. For many people, it’s difficult to scroll past an inspirational message in their news feed and not click the “like” button.

That’s why posts like these can stimulate engagement on your Facebook page:

Facebook Post Idea 3

Facebook Posts to Avoid

It’s certainly important to know what to post. But just as important is understanding what not to post. For example, you’ll want to avoid:

  • Controversial or divisive content: While it might be tempting to comment on controversies, you risk isolating a significant portion of your patient base.
  • Posts that seem prideful: While it’s great to showcase your achievements, you want to be tactful in your approach. The last thing you want is to come off as arrogant or boastful.
  • Giving too much information: Avoid TMI when it comes to specific bodily functions. Ask yourself, “how I can I get my point across without going overboard?”
  • Posts that reveal patient information: When posting photos or information about a patient, be careful not to reveal personal health information.

Use Facebook to Grow Your Practice

By keeping your Facebook followers active, you’ll keep your practice top of mind. You’ll also present new opportunities to gain new patients. After all, keeping your existing patients engaged means more repeat appointments and more referrals!

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If you want more than just post ideas, request a free social media evaluation that reviews internal marketing strategies and ideas to attract more new patients.

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