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How to Shoot Patient Testimonial Videos From Your iPhone

Patient testimonial videos are one of the best ways to show prospective new patients that you have healthy, happy patients willing to attest to your chiropractic skills. These testimonials, if permitted in your jurisdiction, are excellent for enhancing your chiropractic website and building up a practice YouTube channel, both great opportunities for getting more new patients from the Internet.

While testimonial videos from your chiropractic patients are great, hiring a professional video production company to film them can be expensive. If you’re looking to film them yourself, just use your iPhone!

The infographic below outlines the most important tips for shooting better quality video from your phone. If you follow these simple steps while filming, you’ll be able to produce a video that will effectively serve your purposes.

How to shoot patient testimonial videos from your iphone

Watch Wistia’s video here for more information.

  • Alicia

    This is great – Thank you!

  • Jannell H

    Nice Infographic!! Excellent tips

  • http://thematthewreview.com Matthew Durham

    Wish I had seen this earlier! lol the shooting horizontal is a must.