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New Chiropractic Website Design For Austin Practice

New Chiropractic Website Design For Austin Practice

Brian Koenig

By Brian Koenig

Marketing Specialist

Published February 10, 2016
Updated April 8, 2019

1 min read

Serving the Austin, Texas area for the past three decades, American Chiropractic Clinic uses the latest chiropractic techniques while providing a number of specialized services. Their Quantum Integration service, for instance, rapidly locates and corrects patterns of subluxation to enhance the nervous system’s ability to adapt to physical and emotional factors that preempt misalignment issues.

Drs. Jeffrey Brown and Casey Morgan strive to ensure a friendly, nurturing environment for their patients. The universal goal of the American Chiropractic team is to always work in excellence. “Anything I can do to contribute to the people of Austin, to help them live a healthier life, and be able to do the things that they want to do – that they consider healthy – is gold,” Dr. Brown said during an interview with the Perfect Patients content team.

Before developing a brand new premium website, we conducted a 45-minute interview with the doctors to curate unique, compelling content that accurately portrays the American Chiropractic vision to visitors interacting on the web.

The natural component of chiropractic care is the driving force behind American Chiropractic. Drs. Brown and Morgan chose the name for their practice because they believe it personifies the holistic, American values that they cherish. Dr. Morgan says of his passion: “The best part about my profession is that I have the privilege of helping people without having to resort to drugs and surgery.”

“I would like to report that after 3-4 weeks of treatment, I have less pain and inflammation and my foot is more stable that it has been in 5 years! I am extremely happy that American Chiropractic Clinic – Austin suggested the cold laser treatment!” – Arthur H.


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