The Art and Science of Conversion

How a Cancellation Produced
More New Patients

In our early days, a client announced they wanted to cancel their website service. During a routine follow-up phone call, we asked an innocent question.

“We got you to the top of page one, so we’re curious why you’re discontinuing our service?”

The doctor’s answer changed everything.

Yes, and we appreciate the high ranking. But we’re not getting new patients.Huh?

Website conversion illustration

More Traffic Doesn’t Mean More New Patients

Using Google ranking as a proxy for new patient results was convenient — but incorrect. Granted, the top positions get most of the traffic.
But more traffic doesn’t automatically mean more new patients.

Website traffic is important. But choosing a chiropractor is different from searching for say, the distance between Denver and Dayton. Click on the top result (1,202 miles). No need to keep searching. But choosing a chiropractor? Not so fast. It’s personal. You’ll be touching me. Do I connect with you? Do I trust you? What’s my gut telling me?

So sure, you’ll want to be on page one. But even more mindful of the emotional sentiment projected by your home page — your digital reception room.


The Science of Conversion

By studying thousands of website visitors who later became patients, fascinating data emerge. Data that a local website designer simply wouldn’t have. Data that a discount website provider would ignore. Data that is used in your Perfect Patients website design and content strategy. Which increases new patient conversion, producing a higher return on your digital marketing investment.

Part of the science of conversion uses heat map technology. Heat maps reveal where website visitors are clicking — and not clicking. Important answers to these questions are revealed:

  • What are the most and least popular content pages?
  • In what sequence do visitors consume your website?
  • On what pages do visitors tend to linger the longest?
  • What page triggers visitors to leave your website?
  • What page convinces visitors to make an appointment?

Ignore this objective data and you have the recipe for an under-performing chiropractic website.

Example heat map


The Art of Conversion

We all make decisions emotionally, then seek facts to back them up. This happens in a split second—below our conscious awareness. As your website takes shape, there are certain techniques used to create this emotional bridge.

Novo chiro photography example

Professional Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. Custom photography connects in a way stock images simply can’t.

Not photogenic? No problem. Your practice isn’t a chiropractic Taj Mahal? No problem. You’ll be astonished by how a capable photographer can capture that special connection you have with patients. A smile. The right camera angle. Some artful cropping. Together they provide proof that put prospective patients at ease.

person typing

Persuasive Content

Gifted writers, who love chiropractic, will be crafting the content for your website. They seek out the stories, personal anecdotes and overlooked details that patients find compelling.

It takes a special talent to inspire new patients. The content team look for opportunities to highlight your expertise, authenticity and compassion. Which builds trust, creates hope and prompts new patients to stop their search and schedule an appointment.

Roots Chiropractic Website

Female Bias

It’s no secret that women make most of the health care decisions—for themselves and their families. To win online, you’ll want to be mindful of this as you consider the look and feel of your website.

Remember, your website isn’t for you. It’s for the types of patients you love seeing. So instead of self-actualizing, think of what it will take to create emotional connection with those you hope to serve. That means showing people over things. Designing with more curves. Warmer colors. Showing relationships and human connection. Content that creates empathy. Above all, it means showing up real and genuine.

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Better conversion may not cause a patient to drive hours out of their way. Or overcome the dictates of their insurance. But it can prompt new patients to drive past other “chiropractors near me” to see you.

Do you have questions about conversion or some other aspect of digital marketing? Schedule an informative 30-minute Discovery Call.