The Five Factors of
Digital Marketing Success

The Internet is a crowded space. And day after day it becomes more congested. This has led to a small minority of chiropractors capturing the lion’s share of new patients from the Internet.

Are you in that coveted minority? If you’re seeking more new patients, then you’re not. You’re losing to competitors who are dominating your patient-drawing area.

With over 15 years experience managing the online presence for thousands of practices, we’ve discovered that the following five digital marketing factors are essential to maximize new patient results.


#1. High-Converting Website

Not all websites are created equal.

Just about any web designer can create a beautiful website. But it’s not a beauty contest; it’s a business tool.

The design of your practice website must create an emotional connection with your ideal patient. That means understanding the psychology of those who make household healthcare decisions. It means showing people rather than things. It means investing in custom photography. Only when you make that connection will visitors spend the time to learn more about you and what you offer.

And the content of your practice website must be persuasive, while building trust. It must inspire hope and convince visitors to make an appointment. It must capture that “special something” about you and your practice that will compel new patients to choose you.


#2. Website Traffic

Based on our study of 32,000 new patient conversions, 79% began their chiropractic journey on Google. These new patients will find you by your organic listing or by a paid listing.

website traffic
organic traffic
Organic traffic is earned through proper SEO (search engine optimization) consistent with Google’s terms of service.

While Google uses hundreds of ranking factors, we focus on the handful that produces the majority of SEO value. We supply the trust signals Google wants so they will risk their reputation on your reputation.

  • On-page trust signals.
    This includes responsive design, clean code, proper schema markup and fast load times. Plus, small factors such as proper title tags, photo optimization and dozens of other elements that add up to make a big difference.
  • Off-page trust signals.
    We standardize your name, address and phone number across hundreds of online mentions of you and your practice. Besides backlinks from key directories, we often must disavow bad links to your site. This is needed if it has been the subject of “black hat” SEO techniques in the past.
  • Google My Business.
    We complete and optimize a single GMB listing for your practice. This, along with consistent five star reviews enhances your map listing—a key element of local search.
Buying traffic is another solution because SEO has its limitations. There are three instances in which using pay per click (PPC) advertising through Google AdWords and Facebook Ads can produce new patients—almost on demand:

  • To generate traffic from adjacent communities.
    It’s impossible to rank organically in jurisdictions other than your own. But PPC can put you on top.
  • To generate traffic for a new practice.
    With the head start enjoyed by established competitors, PPC is the only way to get onto page one quickly.
  • To generate traffic for specific admitting complaints.
    Our clients have had success targeting sciatica, headaches, carpal tunnel and other admitting complaints.

If you’ve tried PPC in the past, you’ll appreciate our 360-degree approach. These campaigns include high-converting landing pages, impressive quality scores, reduced click costs, optional call tracking, and in the case of Facebook, integrated chat.

Like chiropractic, generating traffic is an art and a science. We’ve managed millions of dollars in paid traffic for our clients. You’ll like our strategy, realistic expectations, clear explanations and reporting transparency.

paid traffic


#3. Email Marketing

Email marketing consistently outperforms all
other digital marketing channels.

We use a multi-prong approach. We contact your patient list often enough to maintain top-of-mind awareness— without creating email fatigue. (That’s why opt-out rates are a mere 0.03%.) This reduces no-shows, educates patients and stimulates referrals.

Monthly e-Newsletter

We research, write and publish your monthly newsletter. It’s a collection of short, bite-sized articles on topics that patients find interesting. So interesting, the typical patient remains subscribed for over three years!

Blog Posts Roll-Up

Twice each month we make a post to your blog. These more in-depth pieces position you as the natural health authority. Like the newsletter, you’ll preview each piece before it’s posted. Then, we alert your patients via email, generating traffic to your site.

Optional Seasonal Messages

You may want to send seasonal greetings for national and religious holidays. Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Choose from a variety of email templates and use your console to customize and email your own messages.

Birthday Greetings

Birthdays are one of the times each year that patients think about their health. We make sure you’re front and center wishing patients a “Happy Birthday” and stimulating reactivations.

Service Promotions

Have you introduced a new service? Hired a new associate? Planned a practice event? Email your list!

email marketing

Email Console

Our email platform is user-friendly, features high delivery rates, and includes options often missing from commercial email services.

Tag your email list by age, gender, admitting complaint, payment type or virtually any other subgroup. This permits highly targeted campaigns that produce great results with fewer opt-outs.

As a Premium or Ultimate client, your dedicated Digital Marketing Specialist will help you plan, draft, and send your email campaigns as part of your digital marketing strategy.



#4. Five-Star Reviews

Your most valuable asset is your reputation. And you have two of them.

There’s the reputation you have with active and inactive patients. That reputation includes everything from your personality, affordable fees and tableside manner to your compassion, staff and clinical skills.

Your other reputation is digital. It resides with Google, Facebook and Yelp. But Google has no way of knowing about your endearing sense of humor, patient-centered procedures or other aspects of your real-world reputation.

So, Google relies on patient reviews.

Research shows that a majority of people trust reviews almost as much as a recommendation from a friend. Plus, there’s evidence to suggest that Google gives weight to your review profile in its ranking. In fact, health care is the third most popular review category after restaurants and hotels.

Our proprietary first-visit survey stimulates reviews at a time patients are most optimistic and hopeful.

Clearly, a regular stream of five-star reviews is essential if you’re serious about digital marketing.

But it’s only a matter of time before you get a one-star review.

Maybe you already have.
It can be devastating.

How it’s handled is crucial. We have three proven methods to help our clients manage the risk from bad reviews. In fact, respond properly and the incident can actually serve to enhance your reputation.

Besides providing reminders to solicit positive patient reviews, we partner with clients to assist them with dealing with poor reviews.


#5. Social Media

Social media isn’t likely to be your primary source of new patients. In fact, your website should be the hub of all your marketing efforts and your greatest new patient-generator. But social media plays an important supporting role.

Prospective new patients will look to your social profiles when researching their new chiropractor. Having an active presence on the most popular social media platforms shows that you are relevant and engaged.

Social media serves several key purposes:

Social proof

When your practice participates in social media it helps prospective patients size you up. It’s a convenient way to let the personality of your practice shine. By planting your flag you can attract your ideal patient.

Cultivate community

Social media is a great way to stay in front of your active and inactive patients. Remember, it’s “social” media, not business media. Avoid too much self-promotion. Be generous. Share information. Be a good citizen.

Google’s watching

There’s some evidence to suggest that Google keeps an eye on your social media profiles. Participating is just one of many trust signals you can send to aid your cause.

Integrated Social Media Platform

Our new Social Media Content and Scheduling Platform takes the guesswork out of social media.

With a full library of engaging graphics (and new ones added weekly), plus our easy-to-use scheduler, you can schedule all of your Facebook and Instagram posts directly from your website dashboard. It’s never been easier to stay engaged online!


Experience the Five Factors Difference

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