Legacy Design Retirement

In anticipation of future upgrades to our system, some of our legacy designs (including yours) are being retired. This means your website theme will be getting a minor makeover that will focus on the elements that encourage a new patient to choose you.

See the example below.

Old Retired Theme Example

Header 104 Futurefit

*The actual design will vary based on your particular website
content, logo, images and navigation.

New Theme Example

104 Theme 2018

Please note: We will be implementing the theme above. However, if you prefer a sidebar on your site, you may request See Option #2 »

Take Your Website to the Next Level

Did you know that the shelf-life of a website design is 3-5 years? While the update we’re making to your website is a step in the right direction, you can get even more from your site with a full redesign. Take a look at our Design Gallery to see some of the recent high-converting website designs our talented team has created and then click “Learn More” below to browse our Content and Design Makeover packages.

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