Dr. Shire Chiropractic Marketing Case Study

The Power of Persistence: How Dr. Shire Built a Thriving Practice in Competitive NYC

Perfect Patients Marketing Team

By Perfect Patients Marketing Team

Published March 5, 2024

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In the heart of New York City, Dr. Robert Shire’s competition in the chiropractic space is fierce. And yet, with Perfect Patients by his side and a long-term strategy in place, his practice has skyrocketed to #1 rankings (from #16), seen 200% growth in organic search traffic, and experienced a 20 point improvement in bounce rate.
Chiropractor Dr. Robert Shire's Digital Marketing Growth
As we explore Dr. Shire’s journey, it’s important to note that the remarkable outcomes didn’t happen overnight; rather, it’s the result of patience, persistence, and the willingness to invest in a long-term digital marketing strategy. Over the last couple of years, Dr. Shire has experienced sustainable growth and success in a highly competitive space because of our committed partnership, innovative approaches, and a strategic mindset focused on the future.

Let’s dive into Dr. Shire’s story…

When I first started, I wasn’t on the Premium Package. I was thinking small. Trying to save some money. Maybe I was a little skeptical as to why I would spend more money on a website.

I realized at a certain point that, especially in New York, I really needed to invest the resources into the Premium Plan because I was going to be competing against so many other chiropractors here. But, you know, that costs money. Fortunately, that investment has paid off multiple times over, which is why I’m still a client nine years later.”
Dr. Robert Shire

- Dr. Robert Shire


The Digital Marketing Goal

The goal was clear – expand his online presence to attract more patients and establish his practice as a leading choice for chiropractic care in his area. We started with a few key things:

Identifying His Ideal Patient

Dr. Shire’s practice focused on families, especially pregnant moms. This demographic became the cornerstone of his growth strategy. Perfect Patients helped craft compelling messages that resonated with this audience, ensuring they understood the unique value Dr. Shire’s care could offer.

Content That Connects

The Perfect Patients team worked with Dr. Shire to draft engaging content tailored to his target audience. From informative blog posts to email blasts, every piece of content was designed to educate and engage patients, establishing Dr. Shire as a trusted authority in chiropractic care.

He states, “A website is important to provide patient education and information, and have that information conveyed in a way that people can understand.”

The Power of Reviews

Recognizing the importance of social proof, especially in a saturated market, Dr. Shire focused on getting more 5-star reviews. By asking satisfied patients to share their experience, they were helping to reassure prospective patients of the quality and impact of Dr. Shire’s care.

But as a one-man practice, staying on top of reviews was difficult. His Digital Marketing Specialist helped him implement a strategy to automate this process and keep a steady flow of new reviews coming in. With a QR code to share with patients and the Get Reviews service to automate review requests, he is getting several new 5-star reviews every month.

Reviews really make a difference. Patients might get my name from somebody, but then they go to Google to look for validation from other people.”
Dr. Robert Shire

- Dr. Robert Shire


Turning His Website Into a Hub for Patient Education

When Dr. Shire realized how well his website was working to attract and convert patients, we transformed his website into a comprehensive resource for patient education. Videos, PDFs, and health tips were now readily accessible, providing value 24/7 and drawing even more traffic to his site.

I realized that I could take all of the videos that I’ve done over the years, all the PDFs, all the documents that I have created regarding stretching and strengthening and breathing, and all of the health-related stuff, even spinal hygiene TikToks that I did with my daughter during the pandemic, and instead of having those floating out in space or stored on my computer, I could add them to my website and send to patients on an individual basis. I could have it all in one place.

That’s there 24-hours a day, seven days a week. And now I can direct patients to go to my Home Health Habits page.”
Dr. Robert Shire

- Dr. Robert Shire


Building Authority Through Backlinks

Another important component of Dr. Shire’s digital marketing strategy included strengthening his site’s backlink profile. With the support and guidance of his Digital Marketing Specialist, they devised a strategy to engage with other businesses in the community to earn quality backlinks.

They created a community resources page to promote other local businesses and through cross promotion, Dr. Shire earned backlinks that improved visibility and solidified his reputation as a trusted healthcare provider.

Dr. Shire Community Resources

Staying Top-of-Mind with Strategic Email Marketing

Regular newsletters and emails kept Dr. Shire connected with his patients, offering them timely advice and updates. This consistent communication ensured that Dr. Shire remained their go-to chiropractor.

He shared, “I had a patient just recently, who I hadn’t seen in probably five years, maybe six years. And she came back, which was really nice. She said, ‘You know, Dr. Rob, your marketing and your newsletters and blogs? They’re timely and they’re informative.’”


The Transformation

As a result of these strategic efforts, Dr. Shire’s practice experienced unprecedented growth. His organic website traffic tripled, conversions increased by 21%, and the site’s bounce rate improved by 43%.

But beyond the online stats, Dr. Shire’s practice became a beacon for chiropractic care in New York City.

“I look at Perfect Patients now as my marketing team. I pay you guys not just to host my website, but to get ideas and to implement strategies, blogs, and newsletters, to keep bringing the information to patients that they want and need, that they don’t even know that they want and they need.

And I think just all of that contributes to the energy of the practice, that I’m not just here to make a buck, I’m actually interested in people’s health and well being.”
Dr. Robert Shire

- Dr. Robert Shire

Today, Dr. Shire no longer needs a business card.

“I use the website now as my patient calling card. I’m very comfortable giving patients the website because it’s so informative and so easy to use,” he proudly states.

Thrive in Even the Most Competitive Areas

By choosing to elevate his digital presence with Perfect Patients and not shying away from the necessary investment in the Premium plan, Dr. Shire laid down the foundation for what would become a transformative journey. This decision was the first step towards reaping the benefits of a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy that pays dividends over time.

Dr. Shire’s reflection on his initial skepticism and eventual realization of the need to think big highlights a critical lesson for chiropractors everywhere: the road to digital dominance and patient acquisition success is a marathon, not a sprint.


Your Partner in Growth

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