Free Webinar: 3 Reasons Your Chiropractic Website is Failing

Brian Koenig

By Brian Koenig

Marketing Specialist

Published January 6, 2016
Updated October 14, 2020

1 min read

Unhappy with the holes in your patient schedule?

Looking to generate more new patients in 2016?

You may have given up on your online presence. You hoped for a constant stream of new patients from your practice website. Instead, it’s not working. But why?

Changes in the online marketing world are accelerating, making it difficult for the casual observer to keep up. Whether it’s optimizing your website for Google, or running marketing campaigns to get website traffic, the landscape has evolved. The question is whether you plan to embrace these changes, or remain idle while the competition passes you by.

A Free Webinar For Chiropractors

We are pleased to announce our free upcoming webinar on January 14th at 8pm EST that explains three key pitfalls many chiropractors experience when it comes to their practice websites.

In this purely informational 60-minute webinar, you’ll gain immediately actionable tips about:

1. Website Design Changes For 2016

Even the best website design has only a three- to five-year shelf life. The set-it-and-forget-it strategy from the past is no longer a solution for getting new patients online. To compete effectively, your website must be modern and follow current SEO guidelines. Mobile-friendly design and an engaging user experience are critical to getting new patients in 2016.

2. Gaining Traffic to Your Website

When it comes to getting traffic to your practice website, there are a number of sources to draw from. Search engines, social media, email marketing, directory listings… the list goes on. To build qualified traffic, it takes an integrated strategy. All your online marketing efforts must work in harmony to attract conversion-ready visitors to your website.

3. How to Convert Visitors into Patients

Your practice website plays a pivotal role in converting both strangers and referral patients. Your website isn’t for you; it’s for your patients and prospective patients. To convert visitors from your website, you must first establish trust. This means not just showcasing the services you offer, but the reasons why they should choose you – rather than the competing chiropractor down the street.