New Patient Tracker Version 2.0

New Patient Tracker Version 2.0

Bill Esteb

By Bill Esteb


Published October 30, 2014

Our exclusive New Patient Tracker technology has been rewritten and is humming along on your website, identifying the behaviors of website visitors who later become new patients.

New Patient Performance

“The computer processing power required to connect-the-dots is enormous” says co-founder Steve Anson.

Rewritten from the ground up, our 2.0 version is a stand-alone program that resides on its own dedicated server.

“The computer processing power required to connect-the-dots is enormous,” observes Perfect Patients co-founder Steve Anson. “Placing our tracking technology on a separate server means we can better understand what converts visitors into new patients without affecting the load speed of the network. Fast load time is something that pleases Google.”

If you’ve been regularly adding new patients as website subscribers (regardless of their source) for the last 90 days, consult your website dashboard and click “NP Performance” to see how many new patients visited your website before commencing care.

Our New Patient Tracker is just one more example of our passion for producing new patients. As management guru Peter Drucker observed, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”