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New Patients and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you own a practice website, you probably receive regular marketing overtures from SEO practitioners promising overnight success with 10, 20, 50 new patients a month… on autopilot!

Upgrade to the Perfect Patients website service and you’ll leapfrog the competition to get more than your fair share of new patients from the Internet.

The good news is, with years of experience managing thousands of chiropractic websites, we’ve systematically applied Pareto’s 80-20 rule to discover the 20% of online initiatives that produce 80% actual new patient results!  And the winners are:

  • Page #1 of Google for organic rankings. But page #1 for what keywords?  There’s little point ranking on page #1 for keywords that prospective patients within your real-world patient drawing area don’t actually use!  We call these “crackerjack keywords.”  This video explains the crackerjack illusion, demystifies many of the false SEO notions and explains how to generate productive new patient traffic to your practice website. Plus we find that most Perfect Patients websites draw new patient traffic from between 10 – 30 different keyword phrases!  There’s no one “silver-bullet keyword.”
  • Conversion. There’s no point sending new patient traffic to your website if they don’t “convert” (by calling or emailing your office to schedule an appointment). The factors that determine new patient conversion include; website design, the quality of your homepage welcome message, images of the doctor and office surroundings, key pages like the doctor’s bio, techniques, etc.  And the Granddaddy of all conversion features, video!  Watch a selection of custom homepage videos to see why, in our media saturated world, video is best.  Perfect Patients expertise in understanding new patients and how to influence them to take action sets us apart from all other chiropractic website providers.
  • Social media is now mainstream and, done right, produces referrals and new patients. Perfect Patients makes it easy for you to make regular, quality posts by supplying you with fresh, new patient generating content throughout the month like; three patient newsletter articles and weekly blog posts.
  • Chiropractor directories like (included with your Perfect Patients website – watch the video) and other directories outside of the Perfect Patients family that we see producing consistent new patients results for our clients.

And that’s it!  Just five areas of online activity that we have found produce 80% of actual new patient results!  And, with Perfect Patients, the overwhelming majority of these tasks are “done for you” and included with your monthly subscription.

Join the Perfect Patients family and trust our expert team to manage your practice website to produce new patients. Get started today and your site will be live, generating new patients and earning it’s keep in 30 days or less.

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