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Refer Your Dentist. Get Your Website at Half Price.

Refer Your Dentist. Get Your Website at Half Price.

Bill Esteb

By Bill Esteb

Published August 7, 2014
Updated May 8, 2020

Refer your dentist and save

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Perfect Patients is expanding into dentistry under our Vortala sister brand of Smile Marketing.

As we launch our website service into the dental sector, we’re encouraging our valued Perfect Patients clients to refer their dentist to Smile Marketing:

When they sign up for our service and name you as the referral source, we’ll cut your Perfect Patients monthly service fee in half for an entire year.

Smile Marketing offers the same high quality content and new patient generating features as Perfect Patients. The New Patient Tracker. Monthly patient newsletter. eLearning. Birthday greetings. The works. But it’s for dentists.

Will you help spread the word?