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Chiropractic Marketing Strategies to Beat the Holiday Blues

Randi Grant

By Randi Grant

Marketing Manager

Published November 15, 2021

4 min read

Are you starting to notice a dip in appointments booked this month? Has the post-summer, back-to-school rush died down? You’re not alone.

It’s not uncommon for practices to experience a bit of a lull from Halloween through New Year’s as patients are busy with holiday prep, school functions, kids sports, and more. But don’t let it get you down!

Here are five tried-and-true marketing tips for boosting patient traffic this holiday season:


1. Start Promoting Gift Certificates

Let’s face it – 2021 has had its share of doom and gloom. And now, heading into the holidays, many store shelves are empty and shipping is delayed. Encourage your community to shop local this year and promote gift certificates to your practice… the holiday gift that will always be in stock!

Here are a few ideas for promoting your gift certificates (think social media posts, emails, office signage, etc.):

Idea #1:

“Give the gift of good health this Christmas! A gift certificate to [PRACTICE NAME] is the gift everyone needs!”

Idea #2:

“Empty store shelves and shipping delays have you stressed? Worried you won’t be able to find all the Christmas gifts you want to give this year? Relax! We’ve got you covered. Massage Gift Certificates available now!”

Idea #3:

“What better way to end 2021 than with the gift of good health? A gift certificate to [PRACTICE NAME] makes the perfect stocking stuffer!”

2. Community Outreach

The holiday season is a great time to partner with local organizations and get out into your community. Whether it’s by sponsoring a booth at a local holiday function, doing a toy drive with a local charity, or volunteering your time, being present in your community is always a good idea. 

Contact your local high school about sponsoring a sports team. See if any local charities are doing fundraising events and consider sponsoring or donating gift certificates. There are always organizations looking to raise money and it’s a great way to do something good for the community while getting your brand in front of more potential patients. 

3. New Patient and Referral Specials

Consider offering, or revamping, a new patient special to get new patients in the door. You could even put a holiday spin on it – 

New Patient Holiday Special! We can’t keep your mother-in-law from sharing her unsolicited advice at Christmas dinner, but we can keep your nervous system firing on all cylinders so you can handle the stress! Exam and first adjustment only $X through December 31st.” 

Do you have a referral program? Your current patients are your best advertisements. Let them help you! Consider a monthly referral raffle. Each time someone refers a new patient, they get an entry into the drawing. Then giveaway an awesome prize at the end of each month.

Some prize ideas are: a massage gift certificate, a basket of goods from other local small businesses, a gift card to a popular local restaurant, a hot tech item (no need to break the bank, but it’s probably worth it to spend between $100-$200 on some cool bluetooth headphones if it means multiple new patients, right?).

Then be sure to share all the details of the referral program with your patient list! Send an email (or two), do a couple social media posts, and have your staff mention it as patients check in for their appointments. 

*Please check the regulations in your jurisdiction as guidelines around referral programs/gifts vary greatly by location.

4. Email Your List

Encourage your patients to recommit to their care plans by sending them a simple email reminder. You may even want to create and send a series of emails where you share tips with your patient list for staying healthy during the holidays.

Of course, each email will encourage them to schedule an appointment for their next adjustment. Your patients will appreciate the advice and your practice will stay top-of-mind.

5. Offer Saturday Appointments

Everyone is busy – kids are in school, many workers are returning to in-office jobs, and holiday planning is in full swing. You might want to consider opening up one Saturday per month to accommodate those who struggle to make it in during the week. If the Saturday schedule is by appointment only, and there are no appointments, you don’t have to go in, but this additional day might be just what some of your patients need to be able to stick with their wellness plan.

Chiropractic Marketing During the Holidays

Bottom line is: there are ways to fill your schedule during the holidays. If you’re a Perfect Patients Premium client, contact your Digital Marketing Specialist to strategize a plan!

Not a Perfect Patients client (yet)? Check out these other chiropractic marketing tips and then book a consultation to discuss how a Perfect Patients website and digital marketing plan can help you turn the holiday lull into the holiday “full”!