Read This Before Choosing a Chiropractic Website Provider

Angela Hockabout

By Angela Hockabout

Published January 19, 2023
Updated February 14, 2023

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What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Chiropractic Website Provider

When investing in a chiropractic website, it’s important to understand your service options so you can find the best provider for your practice goals. There are many different providers and it can be difficult to suss out their unique differences.

This article breaks it down into five different options, plus Perfect Patients for comparison. Read on for all the details:

  • Do It Yourself
  • The Free Website Add-on
  • Website Design Freelancer
  • Generic Website Agency
  • Boutique Digital Marketing Agency
  • Perfect Patients

Do It Yourself

Anyone can build a website these days. You can teach yourself to build a website using YouTube, but it takes far more time than you imagine. There are also a lot of companies that offer point-and-click website building applications that make it easier, however these websites don’t always include basic location-based SEO so that you’re easily found in your local business area.

This also goes for the kind neighbor or loved one who might have some web design experience and offers to build you a website. They likely don’t understand the new patient journey and what Perfect Patients has learned building over 5,000 health care websites.

Remember, you don’t just want a website, you want a reliable, high-converting website that delivers new patients.

Pros: Inexpensive, It’s do-able

Cons: This approach isn’t great for a growing business, as you have to do all the website updates yourself and stay on top of changing SEO and HIPAA requirements. If you don’t regularly maintain your own website with new content and design, it’s likely to perform poorly on search engines. People might associate the low quality of your investment in your business with a low quality of care.

💡 With Perfect Patients, you can spend more time helping your patients and less time tinkering with your website

The Free Website Add-on

Sometimes a digital marketing vendor will offer a “free” website as part of their social media, PPC or reviews monitoring service.

Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Don’t pick a provider who treats your website as an afterthought. The design will be simple and not designed to convert website visitors to new patients. Your website might be similar to a business card on the web, but it’s definitely not the best way to stand out against other, more thoughtfully designed websites.

Pros: Can be very inexpensive, far cheaper than a full-fledged website design agency.

Cons: You want your website to be more than a simple business card, you want it to be so similar to the care you offer in your practice that folks feel compelled to book an appointment immediately.

💡 Perfect Patients will build you a personalized, high converting website that tells your story without breaking the bank.

Website Design Freelancer

There are independent contractors who will build websites for you, but they greatly range in cost and quality. Each one uses a different website platform, also known as a content management system. Some of them might be straight out of college, an experienced professional who stays updated on the latest tech, or some freelancers who might have been in the business for a long time, but are using outdated tools or platforms.

Pros: You get a ton of one-on-one attention and have a direct contract with an individual.

Cons: Freelancing is tough work and doesn’t always pencil out for the provider unless they charge a lot of money. Freelancers don’t last long in the industry, they either create their own agencies, or quit freelancing to become salaried employees. Ultimately you have one person doing the work of a team of 4-6. It’s just not sustainable unless you’re paying a premium.

There is an exception to this with hiring freelancers from other countries, however, that option comes with other challenges.

💡 Don’t rely on a single freelancer, work with a team of digital marketing experts at Perfect Patients.

Generic Website Agency

When we say “generic” we mean website agencies that aren’t specialized in chiropractic. They serve a HUGE variety of clients from many different industries. These agencies are able to charge less money because they have a large market -nearly any business.

Unless they have a stable of chiropractic clients, they might not understand the nuances of your business and you might spend more time educating your website provider about your particular needs. Actually you’ll be training (and paying) them to understand chiropractic. Switching from writing copy for the local florist and carpet store, to writing about the special relationship between doctor and patient is a stretch, even for the most brilliant copywriter.

Pros: Might be cheaper, often affiliated with large corporations.

Cons: Rarely offers solutions that show a deep understanding of chiropractic businesses.

💡 There’s nothing generic about your chiropractic business, make sure your web agency celebrates your unique way of helping others.

Boutique Digital Marketing Agency

These firms operate on a retainer basis. You pay a large upfront cost to get access to digital marketing services, and then pay extra as needed according to the scope of your project. More costs might be required as your needs change.

The strength of these firms is that they are fully at your service and designed to jump at your every whim, which means that you can make greater demands on them. Because you’re paying so much money, there is high pressure for them to deliver. However, your marketing return on investment might be far lower from having to maintain expensive marketing costs.

Pros: Ivy-league trained business marketers who will throw everything at your business.

Cons: Very expensive, not grounded in small business, if the project doesn’t go well you’ve lost a lot of money.

💡 Perfect Patients offers far more affordable options for new and growing chiropractic businesses.

Perfect Patients

We like to think that Perfect Patients offers the best from every digital marketing service with few of the drawbacks.

  • The flexibility of a do-it-yourself website, but with a supportive team to maintain localized chiropractic SEO results.
  • The convenience of having your digital marketing needs managed by a single vendor with the quality of a comprehensive digital marketing agency.
  • The affordability of small-business digital marketing agencies, but with the in-depth knowledge of chiropractic care.
  • The dynamic relationship of working with a freelance digital marketer, but with an in-house creative team to write, design and code your new website.
  • The attention to detail of a high-end agency but with website production and maintenance best practices to maximize your ROI.

💡 A reliable digital marketing partner offering comprehensive chiropractic website design, maintenance, and strategy.

Need more convincing? Just ask our resident chiropractic marketing expert, Bill Esteb. Watch him talk about our approach to chiropractic digital marketing in this video.

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